virtual landfills
submit links and articles
where no human treads

submit articles
infinity orifice
feed the index bots

a research paper
just to earn a single link—
water from a stone

pain of gassing up—
solace for ninety-nine cents
gas station coffee

bags under my eyes
nobody seems to notice—
but I notice theirs


a Tarkatan grunt
mostly unremarkable—
peculiar name

bathroom tiles

a pleasant surprise
double ply toilet paper
happy birthday me

Tea Time

pile of akbar brand tea bags

Earl Grey treasure trove
already getting upset
only three day’s worth

Cup of tea with tea bag on a paper towel next to it.

tea, extra sugar
an ideal energy drink
shared with paper towel

No Tea

miserable cup
yesterday’s coffee lingers
a tea-less office

Messy Desk

morning, a clean desk
eight hours slowly pass by
afternoon—a mess

A Working Man

french vanilla cream
makes coffee tolerable—
but not my stomach

pink on pink action
aggressive shirt tie combo
summer is coming

Little Sleep

bleakest morning
tie collection brings comfort
a fabric rainbow

directory list
four hundred open tabs
firefox doesn’t crash

how do I take it?
lots if cream lots of sugar
mask coffee flavor


little poetry
in a sad reality
coffee makes me shit


burned, drowned, steeped and parched
the teabag dies many deaths
sugar sweetens not

I’m Chester Bloomfield

(Completely Fictitious Green Energy Expert)

Trap escaping heat!
your tips are all insightful—
but you forgot this…

meaningful comment
it’s meaninglessness ironic
unrelated link

to brighten monday
the color pink stimulates
a necktie fetish