NES AtoZ 79: Hook, Hoops, Hudson Hawk, Adventure Island & Hunt for Red October

Hook – 1/1

Sony ImagesoftPlatformer1992

Hook is a side scrolling platform game based on the movie. There are two things I found puzzling in this game in my short time playing it. The first is why doesn’t your sword do anything? I am not exaggerating it doesn’t do anything! You can stab people from point blank range and all that happens is YOU get hit. What the fuck? The second is how you beat the levels!? There seems to be an ending, but how do you activate it? The cave level says to get food and something about Thud Butt… Is that the objective?

I suppose these things would become clear after playing the game for a while. Other than that confusion, the graphics are pretty good (other than aids-zombie Peter Pan), the animation is smooth and it has music. The controls aren’t terrible or anything and it seems to have a large overworld and a story. How can a kid complain?

Hoops – 1/1


You know I hate sports games, but I didn’t hate this! In a strange twist you are just playing half-court basketball, like in White Men Can’t Jump! I never really understood why you would play half court if you had access to a full court… Saves space I guess but if there is no one else around isn’t it better? I guess it also saves some energy with less running around, but isn’t demonstrating extreme endurance part of the skill?

I really enjoyed the way this game started with the shoot out with a mechanic I haven’t ever seen. It has a arrow randomly shooting around and you need to time you shot perfectly to make it. I like this because it incorporates skill into your shooting. Usually in basketball games (NBA Jam) you just jump and release at the peak of your jump without much else.

Hudson Hawk – 1/1

Sony ImagesoftPlatformer1992
What a strange but interesting first level. I can’t think of any other side scrolling platform game that has a block puzzle! It isn’t even a basic block puzzle either (push a block on a pressure plate) it’s a next level puzzle! You need to stack two blocks on top of each other and jump on them to reach the next platform. What a goofy game, but fun and innovative! I wonder if it is a puzzle platformer all the way through. Maybe I’ll check it out.

Hudson’s Adventure Island – 1/1

Hudson SoftPlatformer1988
Another fast action side scrolling platform game. This is the first in the Adventure Island series but the name starts with Hudson’s so it ended up all the way down in the Hs. The good news is it’s just as good as the other games! Once again, you control Master Higgins in his quest to save his girlfriend. He is also very hungry though so he needs to be eating fruit constantly or else he starves to death. What a metabolism!

The Hunt for Red October – 1/1

HiTech ExpressionsSHMUP1991
This would be classified as a side scrolling shoot’em up I suppose. Except you are a submarine underwater instead of a typical space ship or fighter jet. Also the control is VERY ANNOYING and all the bullets move way faster than you. Do you remember how Luigi controls in Mario Bros 2? That’s how your submarine controls. Watch Benevolent Dick’s walkthrough to know everything about it.
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