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  • About This Knot

    This knot was presented to me by a currently unknown twitter user. This is totally my fault for not recording his name! At the time I thought I would make this video right away but then life took over and I totally forgot. I like the knot very much, partly due to my fondness for loose relaxed looking knots.

  • Difficulty: Med

    It ties like two-thirds of an Eldredge. The only trick is keeping it as loose as you need to allow it to have the spacious look.

  • Fabric Consumption: Low

    It uses much less than the Eldredge or Trinity making it suitable for most people and most ties.

  • Symmetry: Med

    The way one flap covers the other makes it obviously asymmetrical, however from a “shape” standpoint, it does look like a nice fat Balthus.


    The general rule of thumb is, the more complex/ornate the knot itself the more tame the tie pattern should be. Stripes will get severely distorted with this knot so it might be risky. A contrast tie is obviously a good choice because the fancy knot will be featured. The shadows play well on a solid plain tie.

  • Venue: Celebratory, Casual

    This knot is flashy and pretentious, so wear it accordingly. I think this would be an excellent knot for a wedding, or going to a fun party.

  • Tips

    • Try it with a contrast tie
    • Simple ties are best
10 replies
  1. Jules
    Jules says:

    Thanks for your videos !!! I’m discovering many new Knots, they’re easy to understand
    About this knot : very good looking even on a solid tie but with a silk tie, it doesn’t stay good looking a long time…

  2. Matthew
    Matthew says:

    I’ve tried out a lot of the knots here on your site. Always get people interested in the different knots that I wear, so thank you for all these directions. I tried this knot today and liked the look, however, I had to switch to a different knot (The Cape – GREAT!) because I found that this one was not staying properly, i.e. kept coming open. Any tips on getting this knot to stay tied properly?

  3. Toa Takanuva
    Toa Takanuva says:

    I love the look of this knot, especially with that fish tie. That green tie looks amazing too, it almost looks like the patterns on a dollar.

  4. R.L. Mack II
    R.L. Mack II says:

    I have been wearing the same knot for years (the Balthus) and now I feel like new life has been brought back to my ties. I have two bins full of ties I was going to donate, but now I have two bins of ties I can use for bowties. The Tulip, Eldridge, and the Linwood Taurus are the best looking knots I have ever seen. Thank you for the tutorials and keeping the spirit of dressing like a gentleman alive.


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