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  • About This Knot

    This knot was invented by Linwood Darkis (@CrazyLinwood). It is called the taurus because if it’s bull like appearance. Although I have also seen people say it looks like a trophy. Both are interpretations are equally awesome. This knot is unlike any other knot in construction, except perhaps some of Linwoods other inventions.

  • Difficulty: High

    It is a good amount of moves, many of which you probably aren’t used to. The length is also a little tricky so set aside some practice time.

  • Fabric Consumption: High

    Give it plenty of slack because you will be going around and around for a while.

  • Symmetry: High

    Considering how strange some of the moves are I am amazed how symmetrical the result is! It really does look like a bull’s head with horns on both sides.

  • Style: Solids, Paisley, Patterns

    The general rule of thumb is, the more complex/ornate the knot itself the more tame the tie pattern should be. Stripes will get severely distorted with this knot so it might be risky.

  • Venue: Celebratory, Casual

    It is very new and from a “traditional” point of view, quite strange. That is why I don’t think it is ready for formal settings yet. Although casually, and at parties, rock on!

  • Tips

    • Opportunity to make a big statement
    • Good with vests
    • Interesting with contrast ties
    • Use with shirts with wide collars
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  1. aaron ganter
    aaron ganter says:

    Ok I’m upset about this knot. About a year ago I created my own knot and its exacly like this one just with two lines in the middle. I called it the trophy knot because it looks like a trophy. I should of submitted. I thought I my owne Knott but someone made the same thing. Mine came first!

    • AlexKrasny
      AlexKrasny says:

      What do you mean “exactly like this one just with two lines in the middle?” Sounds like yours isn’t exactly like this one. Let me see a picture.

  2. g money
    g money says:

    Ok this knot I’ve created over a year ago and wear it to work alot proud because I created it I called it the trophy knot because it looks like a trophy. I should of submitted it


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