Knot Dossier

  • About This Knot

    The invisible knot exudes a casual confident look. Consider wearing it with a very stylish shirt during a warm summer day. This knot can be worn with absolutely any tie and even works with jeans.

  • Difficulty: Low

    All you need to do for perfect execution of this knot is to take the tie totally off your neck and hang it back in your closet.

  • Fabric Consumption: Low

    No matter how large of a person you are you will always have enough fabric for this knot. It requires none.

  • Symmetry: High

    It will mostly depend on the shirt, but generally, the symmetry should be nearly perfect.

  • Style: Any

    It is best to focus on the style of your shirt. Don’t wear something plain, go flashy. Get some kind of zany asymmetric shirt or intense stripes.

  • Venue: Casual, Work

    The invisible knot is best for less formal occasions. Not wearing a more traditional knot can bee interpreted as lazy or impolite at formal events, meetings, or weddings. However when you are casual anything goes!

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  1. Josh
    Josh says:

    I accidentally started pulling the small end instead of the big end first and almost ended up choking myself. Once that ordeal was over, retried it and started with the big end and it worked out perfectly. Last time I’ll ever not follow instructions when tying a tie.


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