van wijk necktie knot
van wijk necktie knot
van wijk necktie knot

This knot is claimed to have been created by the artist Lisa Van Wijk. Her purpose was to invent the tallest knot possible. Did she succeed? Well, it is a pretty tall knot, although I think my very own Krasny Hourglass and possibly the Glennie Double both end up being “taller” you could claim those are actually double knots and not a single knot… Regardless, this knot is very striking and a great addition to any knot aficionado’s tie rack.

Knot Dossier

  • Difficulty: Med

    This knot isn’t the easiest to tie. It does involve both hands playing a vital role in it’s construction, and getting the length right is a challenge. The little end will almost never be long enough to get into the loop so you will need a mechanism for dealing with it. Scotch tape, a safety pin, tucking into the shirt, or owning a Magnetie are all ways to deal with it.

  • Fabric Consumption: High

    Going around the middle an impressive four times gobbles up substantial length. It is probably impossible to have enough slack in the little end of the tie to reach the standard tie loop. The good news is, unlike the Eldredge or Trinity, it’s always possible to tie this and have it’s length be correct. You just need to deal with he stumpy tail end.

  • Symmetry: Low

    It is not a symmetrical knot in any way. it is long and slanted with three irregular layers. This is not to say it looks sloppy, because it certainly does not look sloppy.

  • Style: Stripes, Pattern, Paisley, Light Solids

    This knot works well with any tie type except dark solids. The reason I am excluding dark solids is because it is hard to notice the intricacies of the knot on dark solid fabric. Stripes and patterns end up being broken at the different knotted layers and accentuate the effect. Solid light ties have shadows to showcase the layers, but dark solids don’t have anything like this. Save the dark ties for Windsors.

  • Venue: Celebratory, Work, Formal, Casual

    This knot can be worn loose (top button unbuttons) in casual settings, or you could choke it all the way up on a well thought-out outfit and look good anywhere. Although the knot is pretty intricate, I don’t feel that it is distracting at more formal settings.

  • Tips

    • Can be worn loose
    • Great for narrow collared shirts
    • Might need a vest
    • Best with light colored ties
  • Diagram

    how to tie a trinity knot diagram

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  1. Josie Halbach
    Josie Halbach says:

    I’m a bit of a knot snob. My spouse changed his work attire from slack & golf shirts to slacks, button fronts, collar stays, & TIES!! I advised him he cannot wear any windsor. Everyone does. It’s too common. So I found this knot & asked him to learn it. He was nervous, he has never worn ties. Well, he LOVES IT! He wears ties SO MUCH now. I found your site last night & today he wore the Onassis!! I’m trying different knots to find a new favourite. He is 6’6″, so he has the extra long ties but needs all that tie! Thank you for your awesome knot videos! XOXO

  2. Steve
    Steve says:

    Wore this to work today but decided to go a step further and added the hour glass below it! How do I put up a photo?

  3. Chris
    Chris says:

    I’d just like to say that I’m a huge fan of the Van Wijk knot! Definitely my favourite and pretty much the only one I’ve used since I discovered it through you! Always impresses people who catch it. My favourite tie to use it with is a dark brown tie with a lighter brown stripe and a slimmer, broken blue stripe. The tie also has a sort of “crinkle effect” going on so it adds to the knot. Planning on using it at a formal occasion this Sunday! Many thanks, Alex!

  4. grobing
    grobing says:

    Hey I’ve been à huge fan for a feu weeks, and with your help, my ties have become a daily event at work!
    Here’s my Van Wijk, keep going that is awesome!!


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