This knot is called the Miniature. It has that name because the knot itself is so small in nature. It has two distinct characteristics: it is tied using the small end of the tie, and it exposes the reverse side of the tie on the knot. Usually this is where the unsightly seam would be, but with a reversible tie (such as the ties from this is a benefit. Rock your reversible ties in style with the miniature knot. Perfect for narrow ties and narrow collars. Another bonus is how little fabric this knot requires. Even for you freakishly tall guys, there should be no length issues!

Knot Dossier

  • Difficulty: Med

    It is a tad tricky to get the knot right at first. On the other hand, getting the length right is very easy. Might take a few tries, but it is really only 1 knot.

  • Fabric Consumption: Very Low

    Not using up fabric is the purpose of this knot. It is the simplest possible knot, going around only once, and it is tied with the little end.

  • Symmetry: High

    If done well, it is almost a perfect triangle.

  • Style: Reversible

    If you tie this with a regular tie, the seam will be exposed. This knot requires a reversible tie such as those sold by or any other seamless tie style. Once you have that under control, any kind of tie pattern should be acceptable.

  • Venue: Any

    The knot looks like a standard (but small) Windsor making it acceptable everywhere.

  • Tips

    • Ideal for very tall people
    • Use with narrow collars
    • Use with reversible tie
    • Reversible and contrast ties are best
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