full windsor on a pink/purple tie over a dark purple shirt
full windsor tie on a black and white tie with palm trees
full windsor knot on a purple tie and pink plaid shirt

The Full Windsor is an auto-include necktie knot in any gentlemen’s arsenal. It is often considered to be “the knot.” It is the knot worn by most professional speakers, presidents, politicians and everyone else. Chances are if you see a knot, it’s probably this one. So you better know how to tie it. The Full Windsor is a perfect knot for any kind of tie, solids, strips, patterns, paisley, even art-deco if there was such a tie. The knot itself ends up being fairly wide and very symmetrical. The only time this knot is not recommended is on exceptionally skinny ties. If the knot ends up being wider than the bottom of the blade it looks a bit silly so try not to let that happen. If you are looking for more exotic knots you came to the right place!

Knot Dossier

  • Difficulty: Low

    There isn’t anything hard about the Windsor. If you don’t know how to tie it, just give it a few tries. The other good news is almost everyone is familiar in it so you can easily find help.

  • Fabric Consumption: Med

    It is a bit fabric hungry, that is probably the reason the half Windsor is even used. Because it looks similar but uses slightly less fabric. If you are a very large person you might need an extra long tie to get this one perfect.

  • Symmetry: High

    Probably the reason the Windsor is so popular, and is often considered “the knot” is because of it’s near perfect symmetry. The knot is large, masculine, and almost totally perfect.

  • Style: Any

    Knots that only have one front-facing panel work with all kinds of ties. Personally I prefer the Windsor with paisley because the large flat area of the knot shows off the delicate pattern. Bold stripes also look great.

  • Venue: Any

    The benefit of wearing the most popular knot on the planet is how well accepted it is. No one will ever suspect you of not knowing your formal etiquette while wearing a Windsor. On the flip side, it makes it pretty hard to stand out.

  • Tips

    • Wear with wide collar shirts
    • Looks great with paisley
    • Good for all occasions
  • Diagram

    how to tie a full windsor knot diagram

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