how to tie a four in hand necktie knot
how to tie a four in hand necktie knot
how to tie a four in hand necktie knot

This is a video for tying the Four-in-Hand knot in a unique way. Usually you would tie the knot around your neck, but this is a process for tying the knot in your hand, and placing it around your neck after. It is more of a party trick than anything, although it is slightly faster, and you always get the length right. The Four-in-Hand knot is narrow, asymmetrical, easy to tie, and easy to take off. It is a classic.

Knot Dossier

  • Difficulty: Very Easy

    This knot is few moves, easy to adjust, and easy to take off. The method I teach might be a little hard to grasp at first, but once memorized, this knot couldn’t be easier to tie. Actually, this might be the easiest knot.

  • Fabric Consumption: Low

    Because it is so few moves, it does not use very much fabric so even tall or large individuals should have no issues getting the height right, and still having enough tail to get into the loop on the back.

  • Symmetry: low

    The is the Four-in-Hand’s downfall. The knot is asymmetrical which makes it look less formal and less “put together.” It is narrow and one side is very visibly taller than the other. it isn’t a huge deal, but generally, at formal events you want to be wearing a symmetrical knot.

  • Style: Stripes, Patterns, Paisley

    This is a “standard” knot and looks great on all ties. However because the knot itself is rather boring or plain, I like to spice it up with a colorful fancy tie but there is nothing wrong with wearing this knot on a solid tie.

  • VenueL Not Formal

    This is one of the top 3 most worn knots and it is acceptable anywhere. However at a formal event, you might as well put forth the tiny bit of extra effort and wear the classic Windsor or Pratt just because of the symmetry. Although I doubt you will get any dirty looks for wearing this.

  • Tips

    This is the perfect knot to wear loose. By loose i mean top shirt button unbuttoned with the knot handing below the opening (like this). The asymmetry of the knot, the simplicity of tying it, and wearing it like you don’t care gives you that sexy look of being aloof that girls think is so sexy. But you are STILL wearing a tie, so you still get to be well dressed. Try not shaving for a couple of days, and walking around like this and you are going to have work at NOT getting laid.

  • Diagram

    how to tie a four in hand necktie knot diagram

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