Windows User Interface

I don’t want people to get the wrong idea from my hatred of OS X Lion. I might not like Lion, but for every one thing Apple does wrong as far as user interface goes Windows shits the bed ten times. Here is a cool picture to explain just one of my many complaints.

I had one word document open. I tried to open open a second one and it wouldn’t open. So I double clicked it again, and it wouldn’t open. Thinking the internet connection might have been messing up my connection to the file server I kept trying to open it until finally I realized something else MUST be wrong. After minimizing everything I had open, I ran into this. See the original doc was locked for editing, it wanted to ask me what to do. Then each time I tried to open it I got that absurd dialogue box telling me a dialogue box was already open. The best part of it all, the original box, and all further boxes opened BEHIND the word doc I had open, so I didn’t even see it until I was fully frustrated. Nice job! How does an “Alert” not pop up IN FRONT of everything already open in the same application?

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