Weird Music Showcase – Tobacco

tobacco album fucked up friends

Not sure how to explain the sound of Tobacco … Techno, synth, industrial? The lyrics are weird, and the videos are even weirder. I originally discovered this band when one of my Facebook friends posted one of the creepiest music videos I have ever seen on another friends wall. I immediately fell in love with the crunchy bass, and couldn’t look away from the video.

I searched for Tobacco on YouTube and began consuming all of the videos. Each more amazing than the last, granted you like really strange shit. Just take a look at the videos.

As for the original video that sucked me in … I just didn’t feel write posting it here but it is called Super Gum and if you are feeling very adventurous I took the liberty of Googling it for you. Either way, check out the rest of the music.

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