We have received so much great feedback about our wedding invitations I figured I’d share them. Basically, it’s a message in a bottle. The note contains the instructions to access the wedding website where all of the venue directions and information is clearly listed and the RSVP interface is.

We simply dropped the bottle into an envelop and mailed it! We used two stamps just in case, but I think one would have been fine. MOST of them made it fine. One was returned due to insufficient postage, and one envelope broke and the bottle was lost 🙁 But the VAST majority arrived without a hitch!

The little bottles were purchased on ebay, or was it etsy? I can’t remember but it only cost $10 for 100 of them. The rest is pretty self-explanatory, except make sure to keep the scroll tight! Of it expands inside the bottle it’s pretty tough to remove.




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