Top Upcoming Xbox 360 Games

While much of the clamor in the video gaming industry is all about the next-generation Xbox. The last wave for 360’s greatest games is still getting some buzz. Recently, indie game publisher Majesco Entertainment launched its critically-acclaimed game Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine for the 360. Although indie games are finally gaining grounds in terms of exposure and accolades, big publishing companies such as Valve and Ubisoft still rake in the money in terms of sales and popularity. With this, here are some my most-anticipated games for the Xbox 360.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist

When the gameplay preview of the newest addition to the Splinter Cell franchise was unveiled, many critics said that Blacklist does not include many elements that made the franchise famous. Aside from new elements such scaling walls and a more versatile approach to different situations, Michael Ironside (What a name) was also removed as the voice actor for the lead character Sam Fisher, which was received negatively by both fans and critics. However, Blacklist still promises the same thrilling gameplay and intricate storyline present from all the previous Splinter Cell titles. Expect multiple playthroughs with Blacklist as you try different tactics in dealing with their levels, with options varying from bloody confrontational to ghostlike invisibility.

Grand Theft Auto V

The latest title from Rockstar Games’ flagship franchise will once again take the players to the wild state of San Andreas. Aside from heavy graphics overhaul, customizable weapons, and fully reengineered physics, players will also assume the role of not just one but three characters! Expect this game to be as explosive as the previous GTA games, with new twists and a better storyline. The storyline i’ll probably never finish because I will be too busy beating up old ladies with a baseball bat.

Aside from the main plot, the Grand Theft Auto franchise is known for its minigames, such as the casino games found in GTA: San Andreas. In San Andreas players were introduced in a Las Vegas-inspired city jokingly called Las Venturas, complete with the imitation of the landmarks such as Luxor, Flamingo, and the famous Las Vegas sign. Aside from these casinos and landmarks, players can also engage in many casino games like blackjack, video poker, slots, and roulettes; all giving players the opportunity to earn in-game cash which can be used to purchase properties, weapons, and vehicles. Since this is the age of microtransactions, Rockstar can probably allow users to buy premium casino chips which can be used in casino games, which is similar to the way online casino sites such as partycasino operate. Will the casinos be present in GTAV? Surely. But will they include real money in their games?

Watch Dogs

This much-anticipated sandbox game from Ubisoft has been making gamers drool for so long. Unveiled during last year’s E3, Watch Dogs allows you to control Aiden Pearce, a man who can hack various electronic machines throughout the city to your advantage. Aside from this groundbreaking feature, the game also utilizes stealth methods combined with parkour, with cover-based third-person shooting as the combat method. Because of the features, Watch Dogs is one of the most anticipated games for the 360 console system.

Even though the new Xbox, spitefully called the XboxOne, is on the horizon, the 360 still has some legs. Until the pre-programmed RROD strikes on XboxOne’s release day of course.

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