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As you may already know, there is a necktie Kickstarter going on right now which I am whole-heartedly supporting. Not only because I love the idea, but mostly because if it succeeds I get to design my own line of ties! Here is a video that summarizes what is going on:

I know the first thing everyone does when the look at a Kickstarter is check how much they need to pledge to “get the stuff.” Well in this case it’s $75. At that pledge point you get either a pre-tied eldredge/windsor tie, or a necktie/bowtie designed totally by me!

I realize that is a considerable amount to pay for a tie. I want to make sure people who don’t have $75 to spend right now can still have the opportunity to win a tie! So I am holding this raffle! The TieBros were nice enough to let me give away three eldredge ties to the winners.

If you have never seen a raffle like this before, here is how it works: you earn multiple entries by performing various tasks. Pledging at least 5$ to the kickstarter, for example, gets you 10 entries. Following TieBros on twitter and Facebook gives you 2 entries each, and tweeting about our promotion, or this raffle gets you 3 points each. In case I am not being clear, you do not even need to pledge anything to have a chance to win! Of course, we would appreciate a pledge.

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