The Wonders of Dry Cleaning

Do you think dry cleaning is only for people that make so much money in the time it takes them to do laundry, that they can afford to pay someone else to do thier laundry? I know I used to. I thought dry cleaning was totally out of me league and out of my reach.

I was wrong.

I recently entered the amazing world of professional laundry services and I am never going back. It was so much better than my usual process.

I put all my shirts in the washing machine, forget all about them. Three days later I move them to the dryer, then I forget for another two days. I check back on them and they are all wrinkly so I need to run them in the dryer AGAIN and then steam or iron them just to make them decent? In total I spend about 7 full days to prep a single shirt! It’s absurd. My life is wasting away.

I would rather go to the dentist.
I would rather buy all new clothes.
No longer.

I had 10 shirts laundered and 1 shirt dry cleaned

Pop quiz, I have a shirt that says “dry clean” or “wash cold, do not tumble dry, do not hang dry” how do you dry this shirt? This is what I am dealing with… so finally I dry cleaned it.

How much did this cost me?


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