Board Game Night Report 11-11-17

Good buddies Mitch and Hart joined me for some light gaming, not playing Eclipse for a change. Instead we played the highly competitive Lords of Vegas and the new Photosynthesis which Mitch has vowed to never lose. How did he do!? Read more to find out.


We warmed up with some Blueprints which has been an odd staple of my collection. It’s a game that flies under the radar, it doesn’t see much play, but everyone loves it. There isn’t much room for epic plays or fancy strategy but the game is totally unique as far as I know being a tactile drafting game.

It’s always a pleasure to play when it comes out and I always want to play it a second time once it hits the table. Still working on a deep soundtrack for it. I think relaxing piano music is a good fit. Hart ended up winning this game by only a single point.


My latest acquisition is Photosynthesis which I have had my eye on since it started popping up on people’s list of the best games in 2017. I immediately loved the look of the game, and when it turned out it is a strategy game that plays 2-4 players I was pretty much sold.

The game has a cool premise, each player controls a breed of tree in an effort to harvest the most points by growing trees in more premium plots of soil. The gameplay involves planting trees to gather sunlight which is used as the primary resource to grow and plant more bigger trees. The sun travels around the board and changes which trees get light every turn, and trees block each other’s sun, bigger trees blocking more.

There is a lot of tension in this game because the end scores all tend to be super close and you can always remember a couple of spots where you made mistakes. Thinking ahead is a must because of how long everything takes. You need to plant a seed, then grow that seed 3 times before a tree is ready for harvest. This whole process takes 5 turns so you need tons of foresight to make things happen. Meanwhile other players are doing the same thing as well as blocking your light!

It feels like the better you know the game the worse you play because my win-rate is pretty bad even though I have played and thought about it the most. I know that is silly though, it’s a strategy game all the way through.

Lords of Vegas

I am sad to say that I won both games we played without making a single deal! I just got so incredibly lucky that my opponents were mostly totally disincentivized to ever make a deal with my which wasn’t totally in their favor (a deal I would never be ok with taking). I am sad to say this because it emphasized how much luck is involved in the game and it’s actually possible to be lucky enough to basically win a 2v1.

That being sad this is easily one of the funnest games I have, I love touching poker chips, I love rolling dice, everything about it is fun and there are tons of EPIC PLAYS which I am addicted to. Like I said before I ended up winning 2 games tonight which brings my pathetic win rate up to 3/14 which is TERRIBLE.

A deal is made!

We played with my house rule which allows the person gambling to play Blackjack instead of rolling the dice. When I think of Vegas I think of playing cards and those don’t even exist in this game! So I added them in and most of the gambles we had in this series was Blackjack and I couldn’t be happier.

Tiny Epic Quest

I love to play Epic Quest. It’s just the right blend of theme and strategy. I will admit this is a tough game to get into, but it feels very rewarding when you feel like you know what you are doing in future plays. It isn’t the kind of game you can coast through that’s for sure.


It has been a HELL of a time since I played Yomi and that has been a big regret of mine. Sirlin keeps on releasing excellent games and they keep on replacing each other! Not to say they are better, mostly they are different but still they are generally 1v1 strategy card games (Puzzle Strike is a chip game but it’s basically a card game too).

At least one of you might remember my original Yomi review from years ago when I first got the game. I loved it then and I still love it now. The game fulfills it’s promise of being a video fighting game turned cardboard. All of the mind games you know and love from your favorite games are distilled beautifully in this game. If you don’t like fighting games, you will still probably like Yomi for it’s deep mental back and forth.

I taught this game to a brand new players and we stuck with the Grave vs Argagarg matchup. We played a quick best out of three and he picked it up quick! I still highly recommend this game even though I hardly ever play it anymore. If you have a 1v1 partner you can’t do much better than Yomi.

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