AGREE or DIE podcast with Alex and Yury

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In this installment we try a few new things. First, we are both wearing track suits like true mob bosses. Second, we both had a considerable amount to drink first to ensure we are animated and entertaining. It’s possible we over did it! Please forgive anything we said that was a little over the top because we had plenty of brandy. Especially toward the end. Topics covered in this podcast:

  • Lawns, why not solar panels?
  • Cufflinks, tie bars, tie clips, old fashioned or cutting edge?
  • Soylent the food replacement
  • “Versus” mashups in comics, movies and video games
  • Pretzels in Chex mix
  • Samsung uses ice bucket challenge as advertising platform (Watch Video)
  • Can you sue someone for infecting you with a flu?

Bloodsport Live!!!

Next week the first movie live tweet s happening! As we have mentioned in the video several times, Bloodsport is the movie de jure. Here is a link to watch it online (, and here is a link to the calendar invite. Please RSVP, get the movie rolling at 11pm central time on Sept 6th and live tweet with us at #bloodsportlive it’s going to be a superfuntime!

Please sign up into the facebook event so we can all buzz about it.