• A Little Girl Wrote Google A Letter Asking To Give Her Dad A Day Off, And Google Responded

    Cute story I guess… I really feel for the poor guy that works for Google getting $150,000+ a year with probably excellent benefits and, no-doubt, PLENTY of payed time off to utilize.

    Want to know what I think? Daddy never comes home because he is cheating on Mommy because he certainly isn’t working too hard to see his son.

    Also notice how pristine the letter is. Looks like the child took very good care of this piece of paper while scribbling a note with a crayon. How did she get it to the guy’s boss? Mail it? Not without any folds. Smells like a hoax.

  • Little Girl Getting Kicked Out of KFC Was Reportedly a Huge Hoax

    I want to be really mad, but it almost seems like a victimless crime. Yes KFC has been victimized but who cares? What is $30,000 out of their lawsuit war chest? Probably a nice juicy tax write-off is what it is.

    Because of this fabricated exposure they raised another $150,000 from donations. The poor girl with the ruined face now gets to live a normal life.

    But still, this is shady as hell. I would say KFC is well in their right to sue the family, but how could they! These people are brilliant.

  • Coke to drop flame retardant from drinks

    Reading crap like this really grinds my gears. People are so fucking stupid… You know what is worse for your body that this alleged “BVO?” EVERYTHING ELSE IN COCA COLA you fucking dolt. You know what else can kill you in “large doses?” Salt, butter, oil, shampoo, toothpaste and even water. If I read one more petition about making X stop putting Y in their Z I am going to blow.

  • Amazon refuses to settle with FTC over in-app purchases

    Amazon is Sparta. They never surrender, and they never retreat. It almost seems like they are advising the FTC not to continue stepping:

    “But Amazon is hoping the commission will reconsider; it claims going the litigation route “makes no sense” and would be an “unfortunate misallocation” of FTC resources.”

    Remember that time Minnesota decided to get clever and make Amazon pay sales tax and Amazon just gave the state the finger and left people like me holding the bag? I do.

  • Potato Salad Kickstarter at $50,000

    I can’t explain it to you, but I really, really hate this. Am I jealous? OBVIOUSLY I AM. Who isn’t? All this guy did is get stoned out of his mind and decide he is going to make a kickstarted for potato salad. He isn’t the first person to start a totally stupid and pointless kickstarter. He is just the first person to win the Reddit lottery and “go viral.” Now he has $50,000 and rising.

    Meanwhile, there are projects with actual good ideas getting no exposure or donations. It isn’t even like 50,000 people are donating $1 for a laugh. It only has 6,000 backers. That means the average donation is almost $10! That is a lot for a stupid joke! Come on people.

    I guess it’s better than spending $10 on a ticket to go see Transformers 4…

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