I kickstarted the fidget cube when I first saw it because it just seems like an awesome toy to have at your desk. What can I say, I love it! Watch my video for a full review and get your own cube from AntsyLabs! They are $23 now which is pretty steep, but they make great gifts.

There a tons of knockoffs selling for less than $1 even but I am not sure how good they are. I watched a few youtube videos comparing real ones to knock offs and they certainly look worse but I have to wonder are they really that bad? I mean if I can buy 15 stupid fidget toys for the price of one, does it really matter if they are bad? I guess that depends on you. Watch this comparison and decide for yourself.

I am not sure why this particular product is getting decimated by knock offs. Sure knockoffs always happen but I have never seen it as blatant as this. Did they hire the wrong production house in China? Or are they just bad at protecting their IP? Or do I just not have visibility into other products which are knocked off because I am not paying attention? i have many questions.