Topics Covered in this Installment of AVDP

  • Alex Goes Vegan

    I convert to full vegan. I encourage anyone to ask me anything about it, and I strong suggest everyone consider going vegan. It is the only ethical thing to do, and if you consider yourself an ethical person. Everyone must realize that in order to eat meat you need believe the following statement is true:

    “The torture and murder of innocent beings is less important to me than my pleasure.”

    We do not need to eat animals to live, we can easily consume ample nutrition without them. The idea that we need protein and calcium from animal products is totally false. Before taking another bite if steak I strongly challenge you to watch the totally free documentary “Earthlings.”

    The movie will not be fun to watch and it will not leave you feeling good afterwards. But I don’t want you to watch it for your enjoyment. I think before you proverbially answer yes to the above statement, you owe it to yourself to know what the victims are going through. If it’s too difficult to watch perhaps you can seriously consider the alternative.

  • Dadbod

    We discuss the “dadbod” phenomena currently sweeping the nation. Does this give men permission to let themselves go? Does that permission hurt women?


  • Cancer Charaties Steal Money Get Caught, Get No Punishment

    What is more disgusting? The people who created a ring of fake cancer charities and stole $200 million from kind people who wanted to help fight off cancer. Or the government institutions who let them off essentially without any punishment after catching them red-handed? Read more.

  • L.A. Makes Minimum Wage $15

    Although I am excited to see how this works, and I hope it’s a huge hit, the problem I have is how it’s impossible to go back. Once the min wage increases, there will be no way to decrease it again even if it doesn’t work. At that point the government will simply need to bail everything out to makes sure it works. I am not an economist and I don’t know everything, I agree that people should get paid more but there will always be a “minimum wage” and those people will always want more.

    You know the average rate of an EMT (Emergency Medical Tech) is about $15? Well now your Starbucks cashier makes that much too. Read More.


  • The 5th Wave

    A sci fi book about alien invasion. Yury says it’s good.


  • Bad Blood

    Our girl Tailor Swift putting out mad hits.

  • Arcade Classics

    Every since I did my review of the X-Arcade joy stick I have been going deep on classic arcade games. The classics are just so awesome! I love Pacman, Joust, Donkey Kong and this hidden gem Venture.

  • Van Damme

    If you know anything about Yury and I it’s how much we love JCVD.

Topics Covered in this Installment of AVDP

  • Race and Discrimination in America

    Yury did some serious prep work for this topic and he brings up many reasons why racism still exists. It’s difficult to summarize all of the topics touched on in this segment but there is a fountain of insightful conversation.

  • Johnny Depp’s Dogs Become Stateless

    Johnny Depp went to Australia with his dogs but didn’t fill out some paperwork so the dogs were deported. Johnny also didn’t declare the dogs when he left America. In a typical absurd bureaucratic fashion the authorities hard saying the dogs can’t enter the country… I think the whole idea is a fucking JOKE and a waste of taxpayer money. Stop acting like a bunch of fucking morons, Johnny Depp isn’t a terrorist. Read story.

  • Everyone Should be Vegan

    Gary Yourofsky is an animal activist who travels around the world speaking against animal cruelty and promoting a cruelty free vegan lifestyle. I have found him to be very inspirational and people speculate that his speeches have converted over a million people to veganism. I take animal rights very seriously and I want everyone to open their eyes and stop being hypocrites. The flavor of bacon is not worth the suffering of 5 billion pigs.

Picks of the Week

  • The Wire

    An excellent crime drama. I have seen it all and it’s excellent.


  • Brooklyn Nine Nine

    This is a police show parody along the same lines as Parks and Rec and the Office.


  • The Wicked + The Divine


    Every 90 years, 12 gods are reincarnated in the bodies of living humans in an event called “The Recurrence.” This collection of gods, which includes names throughout various cultures such as Lucifer, Amaterasu, Sakhmet, and Morrigan, are collectively known as “The Pantheon.” The Purpose of the Pantheon throughout history has been to act as muses for humanity. In previous incarnations, the Pantheon has fostered some of the most important periods of cultural renaissance throughout humanity’s history.

    In their current incarnation, the Pantheon exist as a collection of pop stars who perform concerts which amaze and overwhelm the crowds who flock to to see them. However, one of their members has been framed for murder, an incident which has embroiled the entire Pantheon.

    The resulting events have placed the current mission of the Pantheon at risk. Even more dangerous however, is the possibility that these actions could prevent there being any future Recurrences. The result could be that humanity stagnates as cultural advancement is changed forever.

    Written by Keiron Gillen with gorgeous art by Jamie McKelvie, this series shouldn’t be missed.

Topics Covered in this Installment of AVDP

  • Grey’s Anatomy Book Review


    Amazon reviews are pretty hilarious a lot of the time. I ran into this gem looking through some classical book reviews and I really thought long and hard… Is it trolling or is this person really this confused? What is your vote?

  • Golden Ratio is Bullshit


    There is no evidence to support people prefer golden ratio artwork to non-golden ratio artwork. Also, the ratio itself can be retroactively applied to almost anything. Read more via Fast Company.

  • Vanity Plates in Abu Dhabi

    In Dubai, or Abu Dhabi whatever, people spend big bucks on license plates. Smaller numbers are more exclusive and go for millions. I express my feelings of distaste about people being showy and arrogant with their fortune. Yury challenges me, asking if it turns out the same person who spent 2 million on a plate also donated 20 million to charity that year. Does that still make him a bad person? Read more.

  • Frustration Playing Retro Fighting Games

    I found myself hungry for the fun of some of the older MK games, particularly Deception and Deadly Alliance on the original XBox. I used to love these games and I still have them both. So I plug it in, ready for a wild time … Well problem is 50% of the roster is locked. I have to play the bullshit single-player campaign to earn KOINS unlock all of the KHARACTERS from the KRYPT. Who has time for that shit? I just want to play Mortal Kombat with my friends, not log 8 hours playing the half-assed single player tag along.

    We discuss if there is a better way for video game companies to create games with lots of playability on first release but also to have good playability for the retro scene.

  • Woman Calls for Help Through Pizza Delivery

    While being held against her will by her boyfriend a woman orders pizza on her mobile device and comments in a help message. Plan works.

Picks of the Week

  • Furious 7

    Yury says this movie is what the Expendables wishes it was.


  • Kingdom Rush

    If you like tower defense and you have no played Kingdom Rush yet… Stop fucking around!

  • Avengers Age of Ultron

    Yury says this is a great movie. Check it out if you are into hero movies!

  • Dracula

    I am reading the Dracula audio book and I think it’s a really unique horror story. Check it out if you are looking for a good read.


  • Big Hero 6

    Yury says this movie is awesome.

  • Chrontendo Youtube Channel

    Dr. Sparkle is on a very long quest to showcase and review every Nintendo game in chronological order. If you love vidoe game history, this is your new favorite channel.

Topics Covered in this Installment of AVDP

  • Video Game Music Podcast

    Inspired by the pioneering works of the Legacy Music Hour podcast, and another push from Player 2 Press Start I am more motivated than ever to have a video game music podcast episode. Just a single episode where we bring up some of our favorite video game tracks and discuss why they are important to us. Please let us know if this is an idea you are interested in. VOTE NOW!

  • Troll Face Owner

    I was totally shocked to discover that the iconic “Troll Face” actually has an owner, and this guy actually collects money for other people using it. I read about it originally on Kotaku who wrote an article about him and his legal battle with the creators of the game Meme Run.


  • Bad Cop

    What do we have here? Another story where an officer goes totally off the book and just blasts a guy who is helplessly running away from him in an unarguably non-threatening way. The whole this is on video and it would be hard to interpret it any other way except murder. The good news in this story is the cop is actually now on trial for murder instead of taking a paid-leave vacation while the department “investigates.”

  • Good Cop

    In sharp contrast Yury brings the opposite story to my attention. In this amazing video a cop’s chest cam catches him being verbally and physically assaulted by a man who is thought to be armed and dangerous. Instead of pumping him full of bullets (which we both would have done) he keeps his cool and doesn’t fire a shot! Kudos to you officer. You are strong than I am.

  • Color-Corrected Man of Steel

    If you’ve seen Man of Steel, you know it has it’s fair share of problems. One of the bigger complaints by Superman fans is how drab and lifeless the movie makes one of the most vibrant, colorful superheroes in history. So VideoLab took the movie and used special software to restore the color that was taken of the movie in post-production. The results are pretty dramatic – take a look for yourselves.

  • Comcast and Time Warner Deal Busted

    Looks like Time Warner and Comcast will not be creating the evil corporation from every bleak sci-fi movie ever made just yet. The deal has been abandoned (via the Verge). As promise, please check out my Comcast livechat livetweet for your entertainment.

  • Video Game Prices Vs Inflation

    Pretty much everything has increased with inflation, however video game prices have remained mostly steady over the same time period. The costs associated with creating video games, have gone up dramatically. To compensate, many developers have come to rely on DLC to supplement the cost of creating games.

    So is this the preferable model? Would you rather have games come packed with features and content but cost $100+ at release, or have games stay at $60 but have an abundance of DLC, in-app purchase content, and pre-order bonus material.

Picks of the Week


    Tons of audio books totally free to download and listen too! Get all of the classics and probably a bunch of other books also.


  • Barnes and Noble Classics Collection

    Barnes and Noble has released a bunch of classics books (except Moby Dick). They are beautiful and amazing and I feel like I really need all of them on my shelf. Start collecting now!


  • Ready Player One

    In the year 2044, Wade Watts, like most of humanity, escapes his grim surroundings by spending his waking hours jacked into the OASIS, a sprawling virtual utopia. Like others, Wade dreams of discovering a virtual Easter Egg that lies concealed within one of thousands of virtual worlds by the OASIS’s creator, the late James Halliday. Halliday stipulated in his will that the person who discovers the egg will inherit his entire estate, including management and control of the OASIS itself.

    ReadyPlayerOne RD 1 finals 2


Topics Covered in this Installment of AVDP

  • CEO of Reddit Abolishes Salary Negotiations

    In an effort to level the playing field between men and women Reddit CEO Ellen Pao cuts salary negotiations. Apparently women don’t do as well as men in salary negotiations. The solutions chosen here is to cut that aspect of the employment process. I don’t like this move because it takes a tool out of the arsenal of talented negotiators. Read more via Vice.

  • CEO of Gravity Payments John Price gives everyone a raise

    One of the best stories I have read in a long time! This CEO reduced his own salary down to 70k and gave all 120 of his employees a minimum salary of 70k as well. If every CEO did this it would solve all of America’s problems! Read more via ABC News.

  • Subway Cuts 3-Inch Breakfast Sandwich

    Yury likes to get a 3-inch breakfast sandwich at Subway. Too bad for him they JERKED it off the menu just as he was getting into the flow. Why does Subway hurt us like this?

  • Robots and Food

    This new auto kitchen robot can cook anything he is programmed to cook. What if this becomes the norm of many restaurants? A noodle cutting robot is already the norm in China.

  • Fuck Steak

    I am sick and tired of these pompous chefs charing $50 for a steak. Making a steak is easy and I don’t think people should fall for this bullshit anymore! All you need to do to cook an amazing steak is buy a good cut of meat, season it to your liking, and then don’t burn it.



  • Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

    Yury likes this show. I think it FUCKING SUCKS.

  • Japanese Craftsman Fixes Book

    Watch as an old book gets repaired by this old Japanese craftsman.

  • Mortal Kombat X

    Yury got MKX on PS4. We try it out after the podcast and I will report back. Meanwhile enjoy 20 minutes of the most graphic violence ever seen in a video game!

Topics Covered in this Installment of AVDP

  • Revenge Porn Site Owner Gets 18 Years in Prison

    This guy is running a website that encourages people to upload pornographic images of other people. Then when the victims contact him to remove the images he extorts money. In my opinion this punishment is much to harsh. Essentially his life is over, and it’s a shame because he is obviously a talented business-minded web developer that could probably have had a great future. This is not the kind of violent criminal that should be removed from the population. Read more.

  • Fast Food Workers Are Bad

    People who work fast food are often terrible at their job. Generally the issue isn’t skill or talent based, but attitude based. People think that working at fast food is below them and the job isn’t important or valuable. They also often don’t feel like they are paid enough. Anyway, I expressed my grief on Twitter after a particularly annoying exchange at Taco Bell and ran into this amusing exchange.


  • Tidal Is a Joke

    Tidal is a music screaming service started by Jay-Z, with support from artists such as Rihanna, Kanye West, Deadmaus, Nicki Minaj and other artists. It’s meant to compete with streaming services such as Spotify and Rdio. The problem is that it sucks. It’s unattractive, costs twice as much as Spotify, is barely useable, and completely commercialized. The only benefit it claims to have at this time is that it offers better sounding audio, which is questionable. Check out this article. Read more.

  • Yury’s PS4 Review

    Yury loves the PS4. They get everything right. You have the ability to share your gameplay or stream it easily. You can edit the button layout system wide and override bad style from games. Games can be put to “rest” and then resumed later. Spotify can be played. Controllers have unique features like lights and vibrations.


  • EscapeMSP

    EscapeMSP is a roleplaying secret agent activity you perform with 4-8 friends. It costs $25 per person and they have two different missions which they change up about every 6 months.


  • TwitShot

    If you want an easier way to share links on twitter AND add an image, look no further than the Chrome extension TwitShot.

  • Wild Card

  • Daredevil

Topics Covered in this Installment of AVDP

  • Anita Sarkeesian

    Not to get into a right vs wrong argument again… All I am saying is, if people stop feeding the controversy, Anita will go away. Every time another “Down with Anita” video goes up, she only gets more popular.

  • Dog Food is a Scam

    I have been anti dog food for a long time. The whole idea of dog food is pretty much brand new. Once some butcher decided mopping up all of the dredge from his operation and selling it could make him a few extra dollars. Feed you dogs as if they are your kids.

  • Handicapped Line Cutter

    A woman in a wheelchair cut to the front of the line at the social security office. I was mad for a second but then I really had to think… Can I be mad?

  • Juliana Rancic and Fashion Police

    Juliana Rancic made a remark about how some black celeb with dreadlocks probably smells like Pachouli oil and weed. Kelly (the useless piece of shit) Osborn decided this is very racist and offensive. Despite the fact that it is NOTHING compared to most of the shit Joan Rivers said.


Topics Covered in this Installment of AVDP

  • New Job For Krasny

    I have been job hunting for a while and finally got a bite. My last day at my current job just happened and I am looking forward to some new scenery next week.

  • Recruiters

    I have done plenty of work with recruiters and, generally speaking, I despise them. I have had two interactions with recruiters that I wold consider good. The other 35+ I would consider absolutely atrocious. Please let me know what the problem is!

  • Get A Raise

    There are plenty of reasons why you shouldn’t ask for a raise at your job. The timing is wrong, the company isn’t doing that well, I just got a small raise recently etc… Forget all of that. You need to go for it. People fear there are negative consequences to asking for a raise, but there aren’t. You can only win/tie. Sounds like a good bet to me!

  • Sexism Battle on Twitter

    A girl says on twitter:

    Looked at my bank account… Time for the “last resort” options. I am so upset.
    This exchanges follows
    It ends with her calling me stupid and small minded and the blocking me. What comes to mind for you when a girl tweets that? YOU BE THE JUDGE.
  • The Roofie Fantasy

    We have mentioned this in a previous podcast but I decided to bring it up again. Here is the scenario, if you are a man, your significant other admits to having this fantasy of being roofied. She wants you to roofie her and have sex with her, but give her no indication of when it’s going to happen. If you are a girl, flip it around and not your male significant other admits to you that his fantasy is to roofie you and have sex with you while you are unconscious. What are your thoughts in regard to both situations? We bring in Yury’s girlfriend Chloe to help us figure it out.


  • Hotline Miami 2 Wrong Number

    Make sure to get the soundtrack, it’s the best part of the game!

  • Dragon Ball Xenoverse

    A fun DBZ based fighting game with RPG elements and an interesting story mode!

  • Dishonored

    Yury is back into Dishonored.

Topics Covered in this Installment of AVDP


  • Magic Touch

  • Alto’s Adventure

  • If Wes Anderson Directed X-Men

  • Arrow

AVDP EP30 | Cancer | Bieber | Back at One | Walmart | Tap Titans

Topics Covered in this Installment of AVDP

  • Cancer Treatment or Death?

    This is a questions from listener Chris Chavis and he wants to know if we would go through the Chemotherapy for a tiny chance of survival or simply let terminal cancer take us down? What would you do? If you know someone who really made this choice, what happened?

  • Bieber Roast

    Justin Beiber is the next Comedy Central roast victim. Does he deserve it? Is being roasted a great honor that should be respected or is it just a marketing scheme to get viewers and sponsors?

  • Back at One Theory

    Yury explains to true meaning of the song Back at One.

  • Tap Titans WTF is this Addiction

    Dopamine loops — With the internet, twitter, and texting you now have almost instant gratification of your desire to seek. Want to talk to someone right away? Send a text and they respond in a few seconds. Want to look up some information? Just type your request into google. Want to see what your colleagues are up to? Go to Linked In. It’s easy to get in a dopamine induced loop. Dopamine starts you seeking, then you get rewarded for the seeking which makes you seek more. It becomes harder and harder to stop looking at email, stop texting, or stop checking your cell phone to see if you have a message or a new text.



  • PC Game Marathon

    Marathon is a first person shooter created by Bungie back in the good-old PC gaming days. The game is remarkable mostly for it’s story. The plot is exposed to the player in the form over computer terminals scattered about the levels. The colony Ship is under attack by hostile alien forces and 3 artificial intelligence, and you, are responsible for the lives of all the colonists. The good news is you can download and play the game RIGHT NOW on Mac, Windows or Linux!


  • PC Game Myth

    A lesser-known Bungie game, Myth (and Myth 2), is a RTS. But what sets it apart from other popular RTS games like Starcraft or Command and Conquer is the lack of city building. You get a set amount of units every level to work with and casualties are permanent. Units that gain kills become more powerful over time.


  • XBox 360 Game Bulletstorm

    What an awesome shooter! Buy it now.


  • TV Show Arrow