• What to Trust

    A topic that comes from Malone. When reading or learning a story, how does one decide what sources are trustworthy and which are not? How much bias is acceptable? Does size and history of the news organization instill trust? My strategy is to read several articles on the same topic from different sources so I have a better idea of all the angles.

  • NYPD Boycott Quentin Tarantino

    Tarantino had some choice words for the NYPD during an protest against police brutality. They are upset because an officer died in the line of duty close to the date of the protest. Instead of putting out a well crafted statement about how police put their lives in danger they decided to boycott Tarantino’s movie… Pretty childish and pathetic in my opinion, totally confirming the immaturity the police who are bad eggs exhibit when they go mad with power.

    Later, they threaten Tarantino with an accident.

  • Chess

    I reference this article drunkenly, about people trying to build the smallest chess program.

    But the more interesting question is will Chess ever be fully solved? Meaning will the computer be able to say based on the first move alone, what the outcome of the game will be if both players played perfectly?


  • Classic Xbox Games

    I have been buying classic xbox games on ebay! They are super affordable, and the games are very awesome. I have especially fallen in love with Fight Night, first Round 3 and now Round 4.

  • Space Hulk

    Noah doesn’t actually like this game Space Hulk. But he wanted me to put the link in here anyway.

Topics Covered in this Installment of AVDP

  • Is Spreading the Truth a Moral Obligation

    A philosophical question. Is every person morally obligated to spread the truth if they know it? For example in a world in which slavery is acceptable, and you know that it should not be acceptable, are you obligated to tell others? Or is it okay for you to simply know the truth but let others go about living their lives?

    I am on the side of obligation. Spreading the best information is everyone’s responsibility.

  • Men Control the Abortion Debate

    We talk about how fair or unfair it is that men get to decide the fate of the abortion debate, even though they cannot ever give birth. I think it is a big misdirection effort to say it has something to do with men controlling women, and a huge falsity to say that if men gave birth instead of women they would have a different opinion.

    They might. But there are plenty of women who are pro-life even though they are the ones giving birth. At the same time, plenty of men are pro-choice.

  • Abortion Debate! Alex vs Yury.

    The big abortion debate rages on!


  • Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls

    Both Yury and I are deep into Diablo currently. He is enjoying it on PS4 and I am enjoying it on PC. Try it out if you haven’t, or revisit it if you played before.

  • Narcos

    Narcos is on Netflix and many people have recommended it to me.

Topics Covered in this Installment of AVDP

  • Veganism and the Bible

    This is a conversation that is very important to me, despite being very non-religious myself. Many people I speak with however are and one of the most common justifications for eating meat is “God put animals on the Earth for me to eat.” To which I am unfortunately unequipped to deal with. Well Chris is here to empower me, and shine some light on exactly what the bible does have to say about eating animals and how it relates to humanity.

  • Shifting Abortion Views

    I have been pro-choice for as long as I can remember. My primary reason has been that I don’t value the lives of humans very highly and I don’t really care if there is one less baby in the world. But now when considering how a vegan sees the world I can see that isn’t good enough anymore. If that is the reasoning I use to not have to care about the plight of unborn babies is fine with me, then isn’t it also fine for other people to not care about the cows and chickens? Now I realize my reasoning isn’t good enough.

  • Master of Orion Remake

    One of my favorite games is getting a remake! If you have never played Master of Orion 2 (or 1) you should find a way to check it out. Super great.


  • Horizon Chase

    A slick iOS game, only costs 1.99 has NO ADS, NO IAP. Just a slick racing game with vibrant colors.

Topics Covered in this Installment of AVDP

  • San Diego Public Bathroom Costs City $$$


    Costs to install the two shiny, silver restrooms last winter in downtown’s East Village ended up significantly higher than initial estimates — $560,000 versus $215,000.

    Further clouding the future of the loos are annual maintenance costs, which have skyrocketed from an estimated $50,000 to at least $185,000 — not including $35,000 per year for water and $30,000 per year for vandalism repairs. Read more via San Diego Union Tribune.

  • Flag Desecration

    • Flag belongs to all
    • Flag represents freedom
    • Inanimate object
    • Emotional outrage/taking personal offense is irrational
    • Similar to Muhammad drawings
    • People claim to be patriotic for opposing flag desecration in protest, when opposite stance would make more sense as freedom loving
  • Our Fucking Heroes: Sandra Bland

    In our new segment “Our Fucking Heroes” we discuss the Sandra Bland incident. In this seemingly routine traffic stop, our hero police officer took it upon himself to sniff out foul play, drag this small black woman out of her car, slam her on the ground and arrest her … for resisting arrest. Job well done! Read more via USA Today.

  • Our Fucking Heroes: Short Bus Fare

    Speaking of slamming people on the ground, here is another story of our hero transit officers saving society from an 18 year old college student who was short .75c on bus fair. I am glad SOMEONE was on this bus to slam her on the ground for attempting to STEAL a discount bus ride. Read more via NBC Washington.

  • Baby Crawl Racing DQed for Cheating


    This cheating baby tries to scoot away with the trophy from a baby crawl race, but cannot outrun the eagle eyes of the race authorities! The baby and his parents were promptly disqualified from the race! Read more via Daily Mail.

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