This “Look Up” anti-social media video was shared on my Facebook timeline six times this morning, which is weird since this was published almost ten days. It is amazing how many views this video has and how people seem to mindlessly agree with the sentiment and share it. Well before you do I have some thoughts I want to share about this anti-social media movement. Make sure to view the original below my video.

Many REALLY ASTUTE people are feeling super good about themselves because they are the only ones that realize how IRONIC it is that this video is going viral on the internet and how you can ONLY see it via social media. Newflash: not only is that blatantly obvious, the author even draws attention to it by telling you to STOP watching the video.

You know what I do find interesting? How this video has ads enabled. Usually when a well-intentioned public service announcement is presented without ads, but in this case Gary Turk is making several thousands of dollars from this video being shared on social media. It’s almost as if he transcended the whole medium and realized that an anti-social media message is what it will take to go viral and make a bunch of money. It takes a special understanding of people’s stupidity to know that. Kudos.

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  1. Ryan Best
    Ryan Best says:

    I weed through a lot of social a day. So much so that when you said “I don’t sit at my computer instead of…..I had to ask myself do I? The answer was I probably do, and that sucks, BUT I thought this post rocked still the same and I give it the #postoftheday


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