Retake ME3 Measure of Success

pie chart compares the retake ME3 movement with total sales of Mass Effect 3.

pie chart compares the retake ME3 movement with total sales of Mass Effect 3.

For those that don’t know, the Retake Mass Effect 3 movement is a group of angry players who demand a new ending to the Mass Effect trilogy. More generally, it is simply a group that hates the ME3 ending and want a place to congregate and cry about it. They don’t only cry though, they have performed a number of zany and nearly clever publicity stunts such as; filing a false advertising complaint with the federal trade commision. Then they sent BioWare a bunch of cupcakes that where different colors yet all tasted the same, oh the irony! They also started a charity drive for Child’s Play where people who hated the ending could donate money… to show thier support of… the “Mass Effect 3 has a bad ending” cause? Yeah… not sure what the plan was with that one but hey! They actually got people to donate $80,000 for the children!

With all that screaming, all that crying and those stunts getting all of the ME3 publicity it’s easy to lose track of the big picture. The big picture being, that the “retake” movement compromises a whopping 3% of the ME3 consumer base. They are demanding that BioWare remake the ending because they do not like it.

What about the other 97%? Definatly something to consider. Obviously I know that not everyone in that 97% loves the ending. I know there are people who don’t participate in facebook groups. However I do think it is important to look at this number. The negativity about the ending is running rampant. Mass Effect related Google searches bring the negativity, news outlets are all reporting on the “backlash.” Even I thought the ending haters are the majority when I wrote my ending explanation article. But other than the haters being very public about thier feelings, they are not the majority of ME3 players.

Edit: It appears people didn’t like my chart. They think I need to go back to school and learn statistics. I am not comparing relevent numbers. Some people don’t like the ending but don’t have care about Facebook. Some people have Mass Effect but have not yet beaten it. Ok fine let’s look at a new chart.

pie chart compares the retake ME3 facebook page with the Mass Effect 3 facebook fanpage.

This compares only people who are active facebook participants. We know for a fact they have facebook, and are a memeber of at least one group (maybe even both). Well congrats, now the movement is up to an astonishing 7.5% which is still the minority by far.

If you are about to make another moronic comment about how I don’t have all the numbers because “you” don’t have facebook and you and your friends all hate the ending, don’t bother. I know there are people that don’t have facebook that don’t like it, I can only work with real numbers that I can gather, I chose two clear metrics and compared them. If you are going to point out some “research indicated” theory that for every one person that complains there are 30 than do not, save it. Not only is that only hypothetical and totally unique in every situation, it applies even less to a young, tech-savvy, video gamer population who can’t wait to rage on the internet at the drop of a hat. Want to know who else I didn’t take into account? All the people that died before completing the game, as well as all the unborn children who will grow up to experience the ending in the future.

I assure you, there are very many people that are totally fine with the endings, certainly more than you care to imagine.

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