SC2 the Quadrass Gambit

This is a strategy developed by Preauxtoss and myself to make a Terran’s life miserable in 2v2. It is questionable as to how effective it is since we both need to take 2 harvesters off mining for a long time just to attempt it. However after crunching many numbers, I have come to the conclusion that if we can kill just 2 harvesters, it is well worth it. Also there is a chance the Terran player will “spaz” and make a serious blunder.

Basically the numbers go like this; a harvester mines 40 minerals per minute (assuming 100% efficiency as is the case this early in the game). That is .667 minerals per second. If you scout for 3 minutes that is a loss of 120 minerals. Usually players scout with 1 harvester so that loss is acceptable. In this case we are losing an additional 120 each because we are double scouting. If we kill an SCV it will take the Terran 50 minerals to remake that SCV but he will be 1 SCV down the entire time from the death, to the point in which he stops making constant SCVs, This is easily a loss of 200+ minerals.

Hopefully the Terran player is crying the entire time also.

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