Pre-Order, Get Rich

I have been rather pissed off about my inability to get a Reptile MK9 classic costume, as you well know. I have been following the costume sales on ebay and it’s getting pretty insane. Not only the Reptile costume, but all of the costumes are selling very well on ebay. I mean look at these “sold” prices.

That’s crazy right? Some of these Reptile costumes are selling for $85! That is more than the actual game cost. If I pre-ordered and got a Reptile costume, I could have sold it for a $20 profit and still kept the game. If I pre-ordered 10 Mortal Kombats, I could have sold 10 Reptile costumes. That’s $200. Then I could just sell the fully packaged game on ebay marked as “new” and probably make 80% of that back leaving me with like $700 pure profit from doing nothing but buying the game and selling two pieces separately.

I think I am on to something here. Once Mass Effect 3 comes out, I am pretty sure I will pre-order $500 worth of Mass Effect 3s just so I can sell the pre-order exclusive stuff. I am pissed I got the Scorpion instead of Reptile at least I got a costume at all. Think about the people that couldn’t pre-order for whatever reason? People that will be buying this game from now on simply can’t access the pre-order exclusives. They want the costumes also. There will for sure be a market for the pre-order exclusive stuff, it’s so scarce and your window to get it is so small.

You know what else is interesting? Scorpion is worth the least, about $10-$15 and he is the GameStop exclusive. Scorpion is the most iconic character in MK probably, so it’s not because people don’t want his costume. I think it’s because everyone already has his costume because most people purchased the game at GameStop. Now, from my point of view, this lessens the chance that I will purchase games at GameStop just because the DLC they offer has less value. I am going to go out of my way to get DLC from the lowest grossing sellers just to get maximum value.

Just you wait until ME3 starts taking pre-orders. I am going to roll some dice on that release.

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