Mobile Phones and Bad Taste

I remember when I got my first iphone I was really pissed off about not being able to select my own ringtone, or my own notification sounds. What a bunch of assholes they are at Apple for not letting me do whatever I want with my phone! What if I want the sound of a 1-up mushroom to play when I get a text message? Is that so horrible?

Yes it is. See not everyone likes the sound of a 1-up mushroom, despite that actually being a tastefully sound. You just can’t be sure.

It’s been something like 5 years and now that the droid is becoming so popular I finally understand. People have horrible taste, and if you let them set all of the sounds their phones make it is a certainty they will select sounds and ringtones that are horrible. This is the same problem myspace has. See the reason myspace sucks so bad compared to facebook isn’t anything other than aesthetics. I can count the number of times I visited myspace on one of my hands. Each time I went there I had such a horrible experience with people’s bright pink with white text pages, and shitty music automatically playing as soon as I enter I dreaded ever visiting. Facebook, on the other hand, is simple, blue, white, no sound. I love it.

The Android phones let you customize everything and people love it. I hate it. I hate sitting in peace and then all the sudden hearing some Kanye West rap start blaring out of someone’s phone. I hate hearing a baby say “Dada” anytime someone gets a text message. People don’t get it. No one likes what you like. Leave that shit on your PC and let the phone make the sounds that were designed to be unoffensive.

So thank you Apple for not letting stupid, tasteless people bother the rest of us with sound effects they think are cool.

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