Magic: the Gathering Bad Artwork

I am an avid Magic the Gathering player. The art on the cards is probably one of the biggest reasons I enjoy the game so much. But not all of the art is good. I recently made an enchantress deck, and only after playing with it for several games did I realize how much I hated the art on all the creatures I used.

I feel like the artists phoned it in with these paintings. I’ll admit Kor Spiritdancer is good, but Mesa Enchantress? Could there be a more boring picture? Just a woman holding a staff with a goofy haircut? She even looks bored. Looks like she is watching a documentary about ketchup packet production. There is no magic, no mystique. She is an enchantress! Give her some sparkles or something?

What about Gatherer of Graces, what is she doing, briskly walking down the hallway in search of graces to gather? This artwork has nothing to do with this card’s flavor.

Verduran Enchantress isn’t so bad either, I like the action and I can see the magic. But the art just looks so drab and foggy. Kind of washed out maybe? I wish it had more color.

Clearly I couldn’t stand playing with these cards. However, I spent money on this deck so I couldn’t abandon it … I had to just take matters into my own hands and change the art with some careful sticker work.

Click to See Modified Versions

Artwork found on DeviantArt courtesy of Estheryu and Perzo. Two amazing artists that should be getting paid by Wizards of the Coast to provide Magic artwork. Of course I mean no disrespect to the original artists! I am a huge Rob Alexander fan, and I am sure they are all very talented. It isn’t the quality of the work that I don’t like. it is the lack of creativity in the images. Which I am sure is something that comes from dealing with vague or overly-specific instructions or direction. I am just glad I can change it up when I feel like it.

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