Well as you can see from my videos I was not very impressed with either of these offerings. I am especially upset with the LootCrate. I watched a bunch of LootCrate unboxings on youtube before I went for it, and the items they received seemed much stronger than the items from the Feb edition. Maybe this one was just a bad batch…

The shirt is the best part, which is why I would urge you to sub to NerdBlock is anything because they will always send a shirt. Although like I said in the LootCrate video, if you like graphic t-shirts just buy yourself a graphic t-shirt every month. The toys are a pretty big let down but lets compare them anyway.

LootCrate had a colorful bow tie, which is pretty cool. Unfortunately it isn’t a real bow tie. Other than that it sucked. A shitty black bag? A free downloadable comic? A pin? Joke city.

NerdBlock had much better toys. The squishy Captain America is sweet. The Halo figures are pretty awesome. I applied those little stickers to the back of my laptop right away and I am happy with them. Even those lego-like figures of which I got Uncle Ben would probably be awesome if you got better characters. I wonder if those actually are random, or if everyone got Uncle Ben? Report back.

Finally ruling on both of these services?


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