Lifetime Ban for Rape Joke?

So some French Magic player received a lifetime ban from playing in official Magic tournaments for posting a joke about raping a Wizards employee. He made a comment on a forum about how he is going to rape some woman named Helena as a punishment for making changes to the organized play structure. For this, he received a lifetime ban from Magic for making threats of violence. It also appears that this player is actually friends with Helena in real life. It would be difficult to take this forum post as anything but a tasteless joke. Certainly not a legitimate threat in any way. UNLESS of course Helena herself was actually afraid. But that doesn’t seem to be the case. Sounds instead like some jumpy crybaby decided to overreact in the classic American style.

First, he is French. The culture in France is totally different from our culture here. Generally meaning they don’t have a giant stick up their ass about sexual harassment in France. They don’t take courses on sexual harassment, it isn’t even a “thing.” Maybe you think THAT is the problem. Maybe you think the Europeans needs to get on the politically correct bandwagon like us. Well you can make that argument, however, it has not happened yet. It seems very inappropriate to me, to judge the words of a European by American standards and punishing him for them in an American way.

Secondly, it was a joke. Serious threats of violence should be taken seriously. Inappropriate jokes cannot be punishable by lifetime bans. This is a very dangerous precedent to set. I have seen people curse, threaten and colorfully insult many employees of games. I have seen it with Blizzard, Bungie, and of course Wizards of the coast. I have seen and heard people say some very mean and terrible things about Aaron Forsythe (a big wig at Wizards) in particular. Are we supposed to take everything seriously? Because we have not been up until now. So why this time? Just because a woman was called out by name?

I wonder if this threat of rape was made toward Aaron Forsythe instead of this woman Helena if things would have played out the same or differently. I can only speculate but I am pretty sure no one would have even thought twice. Even though a man can certainly rape another man and the threat is just as legitimate.

The comments people are posting below the article are even scarier. The general sentiment seems to be “Rape is never a joke.” Which isn’t true! I have heard some hilarious rape jokes in my time. But beyond that it seems like these people support punishing anyone who says rape.

Other than being super uptight about sexual harassment, freedom of speech is what we are known for here in America. These crybabies are actually implying that he SHOULD be banned from magic for life because he attempted to use rape as a joke. That is INSANE to me. This is pathetic.

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