• 1. Use your phone as an alarm clock.


    I can’t imagine someone is such a heavy sleeper that they can sleep through a max-volume alarm right next to their head. If you really have a problem that serious, I recommend hooking your phone to a set of speakers and really blasting yourself.

  • 2. Or even as speakers


    This actually does work. Putting your phone into a cup or bowl will amplify the sound A LITTLE BIT. It’s hardly what you need for a party.

  • 3. Ditch the coffee, eat an apple instead.


    This is such a stupid thing to even say. I love the condescending little “true story” at the end. Wow thanks so much for telling me a piece of healthy fruit is better than a cup of coffee. How do they even quantify more “wake-up?” Based on what?

  • 4. This actually works.


    This does work, but if you are letting your pasta boil over you are an amateur.

  • 5. Because your friends are gypsies.


    It’s a decent hack. You can then store your photos in Google Drive or Evernote with a tag like “lending” or something.

  • 6. Want to look good for the interview? Do this.


    There are two easy ways to make steam in your house. One of them is putting a shirt over your stove with several pots of water boiling below over open flame. The other is to hang it in your bathroom during a hot shower. I’ll let you decide which is smarter.

  • 7. Prevent your trash bag from leaking.


    You shouldn’t be putting wet things into your trash bag unless you plan to take it out right away. However since the paper is laying around anyway, and it’s already trash, this is smart.

  • 8. Use velcro for your remotes.


    I almost fell for this. I thought “finally a way to keep all my remotes organized!” Don’t be fooled, this does nothing. The reason you (and I) constantly lose the remote is because we put it somewhere stupid. If you could just remember to always place it back on the coffee table you would never lose it. Now you just need to remember to put it on the velcro? No help.

  • 9. Want only egg whites? Use a water bottle.


    I don’t need to separate my eggs ever so maybe this hack just isn’t for me. Who is separating so many eggs they need a better way to do it? Is it really that hard? Are you supposed to save that bottle as your designated egg separator for your breakfast each morning? Doesn’t it get gross? Who can answer my questions!?

  • 10. The STRAWberry trick.


    “Straw” berry … get it?

  • 11. Hate putting together furniture? Check out SmartDeco instead.


    This is just a commercial for the website’s own product. I don’t know how good this cardboard furniture is, but it sure as hell isn’t a life hack.

  • 12. Don’t burn yourself!


    Spaghetti burns slowly. Who knew?

  • 13. Ever put a water bottle in the freezer just to have it freeze solid?


    The first exceptional life hack! Great way to keep ice water cold for a long time.

  • 14. Do this to chill your drink fast.


    I have never tried this, and the reports I have heart are inconclusive.

  • 15. Use Pringles cans for storing spaghetti.

    What can I ever say about this nonsense? If your cat ate a whole in the bottom of your spaghetti box and you really need a backup container, this might be the hack for you. If you are intentionally moving pasta out of a perfectly good box … you need a lobotomy.

  • 16. Microwave your leftovers the right way.


    I think most modern microwaves have less issues with uneven heating. I think the big issue is to make all of the food even, as in, not deep in the middle and shallow on the sides. This might still be useful though.

  • 17. How to make the perfect sandwich.


    I do this all the time and it works!

  • 18. How to tell if your avocado is ripe.


    The only important thing you need to know about an avocado is when it isn’t ripe enough. Everything else is stupid because you are either eating it, or tossing it. If you get LUCKY and catch it right on the day it’s ripe, you win. Every other time you lose. Fail.

    Honestly it isn’t that hard to just know when your avocado is ready by look or feel. Just stop being such an neophyte.

    I think my favorite part of this image is how the individual photos aren’t even aligned properly. The creator just couldn’t be to align them in his rush to share this gem with the world.

  • 19. Do this next time when you’re trying microwave multiple things at once.


    If this is common enough that you need a life hack to manage it. Buy a bigger microwave it’s like $100.

  • 20. Lose an earring?


    If you are planning on vacuuming the entire floor with this contraption, you could probably find the erring with your eyeballs just as easily. This would be useful if the erring is in a place you just can’t quite reach, and you need a boost.

  • 21. Use duct tape to open up those tight lids.


    It’s only a jar. Use your hand.

  • 22. The acidity in Coke can come in useful.


    I can’t imagine a toilet that is so in need of emergency cleaning that you don’t have time to take a trip to the store to get an actual cleaner. On top of that, I highly doubt this works… But who am I to talk, I am just a dork.

  • 23. The ultimate space saving trick.

    There is a video, but I am not even going to link it here. The “hack” to save space is to build some sort of contraption that hides your computer under your bed. Like I always say, it isn’t a life hack if you need to bring out a toolbox and learn to be a carpenter.

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  1. Lemmingrad
    Lemmingrad says:

    I once read the reason for the separating yolk and white trick could be useful for Soufflés.

    Aside from that, the person who actually told me about the trick did so cause he hates the taste of yolks. And I imagine people who get all scared of “high cholesterol” would use this trick too.


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