We have a double whammy today. Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius and 28 College Hacks You Won’t Learn in Class 

So are these simple ideas really borderline genius? Some of them are just stupid products you would most likely find at the dollar store. Some are even moderately useful like a collapsable funnel and a square cake cutter & server. Others are just totally idiotic like the ramen bowl iPhone holder O_O


This wouldn’t be really stupid if it cost $5 as a gag gift. But I am willing to bet this actually costs more in the $30 range. Why would I want my phone that close to my liquid food? Can’t wait to slurp and splash ramen all over my screen.


News flash: pushed-in chairs take up less space than non pushed-in chairs. Sure it’s cool that when they are pushed in it looks like a neat item of furniture but it doesn’t seam fair to select this clever furniture over all of the other clever items of furniture as the most genius?

Do the college hacks have anything good to offer? Mostly this is just a list of way to create a truly pathetic looking college house with toilet paper rolls as pencil holders and glass coffee pots and ramen makers. But there are a few standouts.


Have you ever considered folding your shirts to save space? As if asking a college student to fold shirts isn’t enough of a long shot, how about folding them and stacking them horizontally in a drawer? I think your chances of getting hit by lighting are better.


I appreciate this because most college students don’t even know what a dustpan is and here we teach them to make one out of readily available junk! Bravo.

Oh by the way after downloading these images I found out why that piece of shit Mashable site couldn’t ever finish loading. The images are over two megabytes in size.

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