The Interview

Brian and PJ were kind enough to take the time out of their busy lives and sit down with me for an interview. I ask them about the history of the company, how they choose which charity to support and what is in store for the future.

The Company

Knots Appear is a passion project founded by Brian and PJ, two very likable gentleman who wanted to find a way to help people. The chose to start a socially conscious men’s apparel company which promises to donate 50% of all profit to charities.


The charities are hand picked, and transparency is one of the most important traits the founders look for when choosing. They want to make sure that above all, the money is being used to help people.

Currently they are helping the Water of Waslala charity, but more will follow.

The Product

The company is very new and as of this writing they only offer a single collection of neckwear, the Waslala collection. Each collection will be totally unique and specific to each charity.


These ties are made from a heavy denim material, and have a design I have never experienced before. They are sleek, asymmetrical, and earthy. They actually feel like they are from the future, both in fabric and design choice. The width of the tie is medium, or modern. They are no the wide blades your dad wears, but also not a skinny tie.

I am a huge fan of the way these ties look and feel. The “casual” material allows these ties to feel totally natural on a fun night out, while the unique tasteful design will set you apart in a more formal venue.

The Giveaway

Brian, PJ and I all agreed to offer all of you a giveaway opportunity! In order to be eligible to win you need to like the Knots Apparel Facebook page, take a photo wearing a your best eldredge knot and, in your photo, hold up the name of a charity you think would be a good fit for future Knots Apparel necktie collection. At the end of the contest the founders of Knots Apparel will select two winners who will receive a free Waslala collection tie! Your charity suggestion will be considered as a potential parter of knots apparel (although no promises are being made that it WILL be featured.)


Simple steps:

  • Like Knots Apparel on Facebook and Follow on instagram
  • Post a photo of yourself wearing an Eldredge knot on the AgreeorDie facebook page
  • Hold the name of a suggested charity
  • Share your photo all over the place and be proud of yourself!
  • Giveaway is over October 30th
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