iOS App Review: Glitch Wizard

I am a big fan of unique photo manipulation apps. Glitch Wizard is special among photo apps. You could say it actually ruins your photos, or at least make any photograph looks like some sort of strange hacker experiment. Best of all, you can export your glitchy photo as a animated gif or movie! Look how much fun I have been having!

You get your photo and begin applying filters to it. You can stack the filters to make a truly distorted photo, or apply them all individually. In the end you can export any frame as a photo, or the whole animation as a mp4 or gif.

There is a good variety of effects, some of them create analog glitches like those you would kind on a damage VHS tape, while other effects do digital glitches like the kinds you would find in online videos. Some of the glitches are adjustable and some very cool effects are possible.

The app does have a few shortcomings. For starters, there is no community. You cannot follow users, or look at their Glitches etc… I am assuming that will be added in a future update. There are also some glitches in how your work is exported, but the devs confirmed on Twitter they are working on those issues.

Glitch Wizard is $1.99 on iOS. I am happy I purchased it and I have had plenty of fun with it already. As you can see:

scrambled-porn scrambled-porn-3 scrambled-porn-2

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