Humble Bundle 6 Flash Review


I played each game for less than 20 minutes, and I am going to give each game a rating from 0 to 1.

Dustforce – 1/1

The game is an action platformer about a cleaning crew removing dust and various dirt-related enemies from a series of dirty levels. Think Captain Planet. The style of game is like a cross of Super Meat Boy and Ninja Gaiden. The graphics looks amazing, the soundtrack is awesome and the gameplay is fun. Highly recommended. I will play this game more.

Rochard – 1/1

Only played it for 11 minutes. Seems like a Metroidvania game, meaning it’s a 2D open-world platformer with character upgrades unlock new paths to travel. The gimmick here seems to be gravity. This isn’t usually my style of game but I really liked Shadow Complex and this seems like it’s on a similar track. Cute characters. I will probably never beat it, if I ever play it again. But I need to respect the quality.

Shatter – 0/1

It’s a bricks game with a bunch of bells and whistles. A suck/blow effect is added to the paddle to help you control the ball. The play field changes orientation often to keep things fresh and there are tons of explosions and and power ups to keep you playing. The bad news is the graphics are pretty bad. It looks like it was made for 640×480 display and it’s being scaled up (poorly). Bottom line is, the genre is boring and I am not sure it can be saved. Amazing graphics would be a start, but Shatter doesn’t deliver.

Torchlight – 1/1

This game has already been praised all over the place. I actually purchased this on Steam when it first came out on Mac for like $30 (but I hated Steam too much to ever commit to this game the way I should have). I couldn’t be more happy to get a non-steam version! If you like Diablo, then you will certainly like Torchlight.

SPAZ – ?/1

It was too complicated for the scope of this review. The graphics look nice though.

HumbleBundle 6 – 1/1

You would really need to be a stupid idiot not to get this bundle. Pretty much true for all the bundles considering you can pay 1 penny. But this one has Torchlight and Dustforce is a standout.

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