Holiday time! Great time for neckties don’t you think? Here are some deals which I am happy to bring you. Catch some knots and enjoy!

Sterling Scott

Scott Connor from has created an entirely new necktie line which is actually like a cross between a necktie and a cravat. All of the ties are hand made and very durable. Additionally, all of the ties are double-sided which opens up plenty of opportunities for interesting patterns.

30% off with promo code: AGREEORDIE –

SterlingScott3 SterlingScott1 SterlingScott2

Knots Apparel

Knots Apparel is a great company that creates some truly innovative necktie designs. They are brand new and only have two necktie lines currently but each line is totally unique and has it’s own aesthetic. Each necktie line is based on a carefully select charity and the aesthetics of the designs are inspired by the charitable cause.

20% off with promo code: AGREEORDIE

wetieknots1 wetieknots2 wetieknots3

The Dark Knot

For more traditional necktie needs look no further than the Dark Knot. This company sells a huge selection of solid, striped and patterned neckties. They are also the only company I know that sells extra long neckties. Perfect for a larger person who still wants to dabble in exotic necktie knots.

30% with promo code: AGREEORDIE

Dark Knot Dark Knot Dark Knot

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