Go Packers!

Any of you who live in MN or WI know very well about Vikings vs Packers rivalry. This superbowl the Packers are playing the Steelers and most of the Vikings fans I have seen (actually all of them) are rooting for the Packers to lose. This is wrong. Anytime the Packers are playing any team that is NOT the Vikings we should be rooting for them and hoping they win. The reason is, we want to have a strong rival. That way we can feel a greater sense of pride and accomplishment when we beat the Packers, and also not feel as bad when we lose to them. I mean if the Packers were a horrible team and always lost, imagine how demoralizing it would be to lose to them?

We need to have a powerful rival so we can get more excited each time we meet. Like Batman and Joker. Hector vs Troy. Sasuke vs Naruto. That is where the excitement is. Not in hoping the Packers lose and become weak.

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