Finish That Drink!

So my dad gets in my car and notices two half full bottles of vitamin water. He gets all pissed at me for wasting the vitamin water, and how irresponsible i am and just generally goes off as parents do. I sort of just daze away thinking about what he is saying. I mean he acts like I have never purchased and not finished drinks of my own. But then I got to thinking, am I really wasting it?

Why do people drink drinks? To quench thirst primarily. It doesn’t take an entire drink to quench my thirst it usually only takes about a third or so. Sometimes I finish the rest, other times I forget all about it and end up opening another one. I guess this is the cardinal sin my father is so pissed about. The fact that I open another before finishing the first one VIOLATING the first-in first-out mentality which will result in wasted soda eventually. But if I only drink one drink a day, does it matter if I drink the whole thing or some of it? I always have my vitamin water after work. Sometimes I take it in the house and finish it, other times I forgot and I “waste” half of it. But no matter what i am going to have another after work the next day. My consumption of vitamin water is exactly one per day. In this case I think my father’s fury is misplaced.

Not sure where I am going with this seemed interesting to me at the time. But now I realize it really isn’t.

You read it anyway though so mission accomplished.


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