the cape necktie knot white tie on a teal/whit striped shirt
The cape necktie knot, pink/yellow paisly tie on grey shirt
the cape necktie knot in a purple/grey paisly tie on a green shirt

At long last! The Cape knot revealed. I am very fond of this knot, it never ceases to get compliments. Especially from the ladies. They love a man who knows how to tie a knot (if you know what I mean). This knot works best with mono-colored ties, works fine with pattern or paisley ties, but I would not recommend it with stripes. It has the same issue the Eldredge does, the orientation of the stripes gets all zany and it creates pattern shock. This is another tie tied with the little end of the tie, so it is easy to get the length right. The knot works with any standard length tie, although I do feel it looks better with thicker ties. As always, send me pics!

Knot Dossier

  • Difficulty: Low

    It is a simply skinny-end knot with only 5 moves. Skinny-end knots are easy because the big end is adjusted at the start making it easy to get the length right. The only quirk is having enough little end to go through the loop.

  • Fabric Consumption: Med

    You will end up using a considerable amount of fabric with this knot, but the knot is pretty small so the consumption should be manageable even for larger people.

  • Symmetry: High

    If done perfectly, the knot should be completely symmetrical. There is a tendency for the horizontal loop in the center to get a little diagonal. You can fight it, or you can just let it go.

  • Style: Solids

    The fabric travels in a variety of directions with this knot making striped ties pretty risky. The stripes end up traveling in seemingly random directions and it might look messy. Patterns and paisley would looks fine, but the complexity of the knot make them sub optimal because they might overshadow the folds. Solid ties are perfect because the shadows and folds can be the focus.

  • Venue: Celebratory

    It is a complex and flashy know with multiple levels and angles. It is sure to draw attention and make you seem like a bit of a show off. That is certainly fine with me! But in some formal occasions it might not be the desired reaction. As always though, these rules are not set in stone. You can wear this to work and casually as you see fit.

  • Tips

    • Tie clip recommended
    • Good with vest or cardigan
    • Contrast tie ads visual interest to the knot
  • Diagram

    the cape necktie knot diagram

11 replies
    • Cernael
      Cernael says:

      …also, since my gravatar pic apparently showed up, let me mention that the knot in it is my unholy concoction of this and the Eldredge, incorporating a somewhat tricky move I initially came up with to add another set of petals to the Eldedge, but now mostly use for this.
      Which I’ve tenatively named “the Eldritch Cape knot”.
      I’ve been meaning to film an instructional, but have never gotten around to it.

    • AlexKrasny
      AlexKrasny says:

      Yeah I didn’t make the graphic, but the “cafe knot” was released after the cape, and they made a graphic. I guess it’s just an AKA.

      • John Harris
        John Harris says:

        Nope, Cafe and Cape are different. The cafe knot has the narrow end crossing in front 7 times, but cape crosses in front 5 times.

  1. Toa Takanuva
    Toa Takanuva says:

    Where can I find the orange and silver patterned tie in the second picture? It’s really catching my eye.


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