how to tie a bowtie necktie knot
bow tie tied out of a $1 necktie
how to tie a bowtie necktie knot

What if I told you, a standard necktie can be tied into a bow tie knot? What do you do with all your damaged, frayed, or stained ties? Throw them away? I hope not! Keep them in a forgotten drawer in your closet? Well, it’s time to crack that drawer open because I am about to show you how to breath new life into your old ties. Let’s call it a rebirth. They make perfectly good bow ties with zero modifications. Just watch the video below and breath new life into all of your dejected, creased, frayed, and stained neckties. This works best with thinner, lighter ties, but with a little effort I am confident any tie can make a fine bow tie. As a matter of fact, I purchased a $1 necktie from the dollar store (the quality is obviously terrible) and even that rag made an excellent bow tie!

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Knot Dossier

  • Difficulty: High

    It takes practice. Adjusting it is difficult so if you don’t get it right, you might as well start over. The type of tie you use matters also, thinner fabric ties make better bow ties. Thick heavy ties make thick bow ties, sometimes too thick.

  • Fabric Consumption: Low

    Relative to the length of a tie, a bow tie requires very little fabric. There should not be any issue with running out of tie to get this knot done.

  • Symmetry: Med

    Because ties tend to get wider as you move from the little end to the big end, the bow tie knot can end up a little lopsided. Narrow ties have less difference in ends, and very wide ties might not work at all. But generally speaking, since bow ties look a little crazy anyway, it should be fine.

  • Style: Any

    Bow ties look like bow ties no matter what fabric you use! The crazier the tie the more zany the bow tie. I say go nuts. If you want to learn more about when it is appropriate to wear a bow tie visit the bow tie page.

  • Venue: Any

    If you get this knot right, it should be impossible for people to tell you are not wearing a standard bow tie. Therefore, this knot is acceptable at any event that a bow tie would be acceptable.

  • Tips

    • Match your necktie the same way you would match a bow tie.
    • Unless you are confident, avoid formal events
    • Works with jeans or khakis
    • Works with long or short sleeved button up shirts
    • Don’t throw away old ties! Try this first
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  1. Steve
    Steve says:

    Awesome sight and another great video. Just saw something similar by someone called sock snob on YouTube and he had some neat ideas. Notably, he folded the small end in half before he looped it over the center, it gave it a neat appearance.

    • VirtualAlex
      VirtualAlex says:

      Hmm I do find that hard to believe; you are putting pretty hard creases into the most visible part of the tie. But I guess you are lucky… I would certainly not recommend doing this with a tie you aren’t willing to lose.

  2. rocketman
    rocketman says:

    this did not work for me and really need lots of help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is there n esier way to do this?
    PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Tommy
        Tommy says:

        Could you make a video on the more difficult way? I would like a comprehensive “how to” but haven’t been able to find one.

        • VirtualAlex
          VirtualAlex says:

          I’m sorry I don’t have the equipment to do a video on how to deconstruct a tie and re-stitch it into a bow tie. I assure you at that point, buying a new bow tie is much more efficient.

          • Alfred
            Alfred says:

            Your rude comment annoyed me… two things you also failed to point out since you know everything…

            First the ties…
            Second the loops…

            His method uses a really thick tie. he even says in the video its for medium to thick ties. The other video uses thin silk ties. I have ties thick like the one he uses in the video. The youtube video you posted would never work with some of the thicker ties. There is just too much fabric.

            His video is better suited for thicker ties. The other video is better suited for thinner ties.

            Personally for my shirt fit and tie style the second video would be too bulky for my taste. I would actually go buy cheap thin ties just for that method (the video you posted), as I do not purchase thin ties. I wear them too much to take the risk of a thin tie.

            There is more than one way to do something dear!

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