Father’s Day Gift Ideas 2013

Father’s day is June 16th

Are you ready? I will admit, Father’s day is probably my least favorite holiday. It is simply WAY to hard for me to shop for my father, I feel like he has everything he wants and anything I get him will be a let down (like my whole life). Of course I could go the route of consumables, like cigars, wisky, brandy, steak, cake, etc. Those work great because no matter how much whisky my dad can drink, he can always use more. But if you plan on buying something more substantial this father’s day, maybe this list will help give you some ideas.


You saw the Swisscard in last years list, and it isn’t getting any worse. This is the single greatest thing any man could carry in his wallet after his favorite credit card. Open letters, unscrew screws, cut ropes, clip away hang nails, tweeze hairs, it even has a ball point pen. Both me and my father have carried one of these around for about ten years, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Dynaflex Powerball

What the hell is it? Well it is an ingenious work-out device disguised as a toy. Once you get it going, you will feel the burn! Great for dads who like to work out, or work with their hands. I can speak from personal experience that these little toys are the talk of the town. My family has always had some plastic ones milling around, but last year I got my father the metal one… Life changer.


Is your father a little fashion backwards? Lend him a hand! Is he fashion forward? A boost couldn’t hurt. There are plenty of ways to go, the classic father’s day tie works… But you could get fancy with some other fun accessories like socks and cufflinks.

Recreational Table

If you recently won the lottery and have some money to throw around consider a nice recreational table to spice up the man cave. Dads are all different, some like ping pong, some like poker, some like to chill in the garage, and some in the basement. If you have $500+ dollars to throw around, help dad get some gaming done.

Magazine Subscriptions

Magazines are often overlooked, but they shouldn’t be. A magazine is a gift that keeps on giving. There is a magazine for pretty much every interest and hobby out there, and I bet you could think of one your father would appreciate.

Electric Razor

An electric razor is one of those things that Dad is always thinking about buying but always decides he could go without. Even if your father has an electric, maybe he needs a new top-of-the line model? Don’t forget to get some backup blades!

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