comic-sans-shirtComic Sans gets a bad rap. People are always making fun of it, insulting people who use it, pointing it out when they spot it out in the wild… I know that because I am one of those people. I remember when I was in middle school I used Comic Sans as my AIM font … then I grew up.

I found a wonderful new use for it however: editing! You read that correctly. Now, when I am proofreading or editing work, my first action is to make sure it’s Comic Sans.

If you’ve ever read up on editing tips you may remember things like, read the work backwards, read every word out loud slowly, take a break and proof read again with fresh eyes etc…

There is a new tip to add to that list: Comic Sans. As we are all very well aware, doing anything in this font makes you look like a fool. Writing needs to be of exceptional quality to shine through this font. Comic Sans amplifies typos, bad grammar, and poor sentence like nothing I have ever encountered. It practically makes poor writing glow in the dark.

After the editing is over, switch the font to something presentable and behold! Behold the amazing quality of your work.

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