Doublju Trendy Men’s Apparel

About a year ago I discovered a treasure trove of cool clothing on ebay. It was a Korean apparel company called Doublju (I say it Double-Jew) and shipping was like $45 per item, but I didn’t care because the clothes looked so cool. I ran up a huge tab and made a big order.

Since then people always ask me where I purchased those cool shirts and hoodies. It has been difficult to explain … until now! Looks like Doublju has made it a priority to cater to Americans and made a real website I am excited to share! So please, behold the cutting edge style! Free shipping if you spend $50 or more, which is much too easy…

Make sure to pay special care to the sizes. I ordered XXL clothing when I made my original purchase and it all fits me like a medium. They’ve probably taken care of those issues by now. Check out the site now!

doublju-kmh02-charcorl-1_1 doublju-kmohol013-red-3 doublju-kmohol016-gray-1

doublju-kmtstl0181-blue-2 doublju-ds41-navy-1_7 doublju-kmtstl0161-whiteblack-1

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  1. Disgusted customer
    Disgusted customer says:

    Stay away from this company, very bad quality.never processed my return, USPS showed that they received the items back but they never returned a cent. Does not belong in the US market. You give koreans a bad name

  2. thrashpants
    thrashpants says:

    first hand experience: stay the fuck away. the quality is shit and it looks awful due to the black mannequin. learn from my mistake.


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