Don’t Worry About Spelling Amazon Right

Want to know a totally useless piece of information? owns a bunch of misspelled versions of their domain name. I was just goofing around with this for no good reason at all seeing if I could find a reasonable variation they do not own. There are some but Amazon has been pretty meticulous about this!

They own most names with a letter that is one keystroke off like Qmazon. They own every name with a doubled up letter like Ammazon. They own most named with two letters flipped like Amazno. Makes me wonder how many other companies are doing this, and to what degree.

Here are all the typos that redirect to I found. I am sure it is far from an exhaustive list.

Qmazon Zmazon Wmazon
Smazon Anazon Akazon
Ajazon Amazzn Amazn
Mmazon Amazoon Ammazon
Aamazon Amaazon Amazzon
Amazonn Amzn Amazoj
Amazol Maazon Amaozn Amazno

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