Diablo 3 Real Money Auctions

So here is some cool news. Diablo III will have a real money auction house. Meaning, you will be able to “e-bay” your in game items for real money. You can either have the money deposit into your online account, or use it as Blizzard store credit. There will be a fee to list items as well so it is very much like e-bay. I think this is a wonderful idea. People are going to sell and buy game items just like they did in WOW and to a lesser extent D2 somewhere. Now Blizzard can have a cut, and no one gets ripped off. Also you might actually be able to make some money off playing the game! I mean what is a wizard going to do with that godlike, super-rare axe anyway? Keep it in the stash forever? Now you get to sell it for 4-7$ to some barbarian who wants it so badly. I think this is awesome!

1up.com coverage | gamespot.com coverage | joystiq.com coverage


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