A cocktail kit is a little Altoid-sized box with non-alcoholic ingredients and instructions to make a particular drink. Note that the alcohol is not included so this kit does not include the primary ingredient. That being said, this is a very adorable package that provides a nice “DIY” experience.

Currently (April 2017) the site only sells old fashioned, although a Daiquiri is shown as coming soon with it’s own unique tin. The old fashioned box contains a little wooden spoon, two sugar cubes and a little bottle of bitters along with a business card with instructions how to make the drink. I had never made an old fashioned before so I had a great time learning it and crafting the drink myself.

So the product is great, but the price is pretty high. Each kit is $15 and that is before shipping! Which appears to be another $5 (flat rate). Which leads me to believe that this isn’t really a product you buy for yourself, but rather as a gift for others. Here are some ideas:

  • Conference giveaway items, perfect for hotel rooms
  • Stocking stuffers
  • Secret Santa gifts
  • 21st birthdays
  • Corporate “great doing business with you” gifts
  • “Atta boy” gifts

I am excited for this idea to develop to the point that we can order a 4-6 kit variety pack. Now that would be something! In the meantime, if you are looking for a cute little pocket gift, this is pretty original.

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