Review: Chobani Greek Yogurt

  • $1.39 price point, 6 oz of yogurt – good
  • fruit-on-bottom style – I like
  • banana flavor slightly lacking but still acceptable
  • “all natural” claim – couldn’t care less
  • alleged “greek yogurt” benefits
  • Yogurt is thick and “hearty” feeling – good

I am usually not a big yogurt person, although I don’t know why, I love it. I’ve heard great things about this “greek” yogurt and how amazing it is, so I took the plunge. The yogurt was exceptional, at least I think speaking from such limited yogurt experience. I plan on incorporating it into my daily lunches (on days which include walking to the Wedge.) Bare in mind, I have never tried a yogurt I wouldn’t give a 1 out of 1 to, perhapse I am too lax in this department? Or maybe this is very good yogurt.

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