The Agree or Die podcast or AVDP is a premium mixture of intelligent conversation, entertainment and nerdrage presented by Alex Krasny and a selection of guest hosts.


  • Paris Attack

    Eric and I share our thoughts about the terrorist attacks on France and other places in the world. We also talk about the backlash and the next steps that could possibly be taken, and what steps should NOT be taken. We are looking at you Donald Trump.

  • Syrian Refugees

    About refugees, our opinions on what should be done. We both rage against entitled pricks who want to close the gates and let them rot in the streets. Bottom line is, if you have a computer and internet and you live in America you are VERY LUCKY compared to the vast majority of humans on the planet. The least you can do is show compassion.

RGC / Picks

  • Journey to Silius

    Journey to Silius is a terrible game and I am sorry I even talked about it. If you didn’t play it, good. Here is a speedrun to give you a taste.

  • Ninja Spirit

    Ninja Spirit is amazing! Play it on the Turbo Grafx 16.

    Ninja Spirit (U)