Board Game Night Report September 16, 2017: Eclipse Game 2

Game two everyone brought out the big guns. In this game we had Hydran Progress (me), Orion (Mitch), Mutants (Eric) and Magellan (Andy). The interesting things twist this game is computers didn’t enter the science pool until deep into the game so no one could build very strong ships. No one that is, except Mitch’s Orion because he grabbed an early Rift Cannon technology. This allowed him to build improved hull + rift cannon cruisers which didn’t require computers to be successful. This was too bad for me because he didn’t waste any time attacking me.

There was a nebula separating us with some discovery tiles on it. I moved my interceptor in to grab the 2nd tile… Of course I knew Mitch’s ships could swoop in, destroy my little interceptor and then come for the rest of me. My only hope was that all of the ancients around him would distract him from me. He made the right choice and pounced on my interceptor. I was weak, had no production, no ships and no computers.

I was quickly beaten back to only two pretty bad systems until I was able to grab plasma missiles to stop the bleeding. Later in the game I also took Gluon Computer to make some truly intimidating missile ships. Problem was I had no production. I was stuck on a single ship and 2 bad systems the majority of the game with nothing by my vendetta against the Orion to keep me going. I vowed, like I vow most games, that I would fight to the bitter end to make sure Mitch didn’t win this game.

I was holed up in the rear of the galaxy on a system with a single dreadnaught and a staircase. The only system I could reasonably take was Andy’s supernova. We have never had a contested supernova before and it was a pretty interesting predicament. At the end of every turn the supernova has a chance to explode destroying all population and ships inside it. I had little to lose so I dove right in there, but what about Andy? Does he attempt to save his supernova only to have it explode right after the battle taking all his ships with it? He decided to let me have it. It only lasted two turns before blowing up dropping me back down to only one system.

At this point in the game I had exactly 1 ship left with a million missiles on it using rage for fuel. I looked at everyone else ships and noticed that none of them are a match for me. I decided to take this opportunity to take the center.

Actually the Andy’s Magellan ships, armed with flux missiles, were more than a match for me but they were badly out of position and unable to enter the middle. I took the middle easily and what meager resources I could scrap together at this late stage into the game I used to fortify my position with a few starbases.

It’s fun to compare ship schematics, let’s take a look. Missiles are fired before gun combat begins and my ship fires 8 of them and I gain a +6 to hit thanks to my two computers. That means I am looking to deal something like 12-16 damage before the fight even begins, none of the other ships can withstand that. Andy’s ships have flux missiles which means they fire at a higher innovative than my missiles and since my ships have no hull, any hit would destroy my ship easily. Lucky for me he was out of position.

The mutants have been pretty quiet this game haven’t they? Well Hart has been living in relative peace simply evolving his mutant race to gain more and more victory points! He took the mutations which gave him a victory point for every orbital, of which he had many. He also had cheaper ships, points for diplomatic agreements, and eventually points for every mutation. We all thought he was winning by a huge margin but he made some very excellent tactical trade agreements with both Myself and Andy so Mitch was the only player who could attack without a penalty.

I spent my last few turns harassing the orion with my final dreadnaught while he cried and complained about how I am “handing the game” to the mutants. Well… he wasn’t wrong. I was doing my best to destroy Mitch’s game, and why shouldn’t I? He destroy my homeland, attacked me without provocation and left me completely crippled and unable to win the game. Make his life hell I said! Make sure he loses this game I vowed!

However at the last moment I decided Mitch has had enough of my harassment, since he was probably not going to win anyway (foreshadowing) and went back to my ancestral home to try to get it back because it just seemed like the most thematic thing to do. The last remanding flagship of the progress sets a course for home… Or the afterlife.

I’ll cut to the chase. Not only did I not win back my home world. Mitch ended up somehow winning this game despite all of my vendetta. He won by a huge margin too! He scored 52 points while the crowd favorite mutants only scored 39! How did this happen? I guess big guns aren’t the only thing the Orion Hegemony have going for them, but also a silver tongue.

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