Board Game Night Report September 16, 2017: Eclipse Game 1

We played two 4-player games of eclipse and it took about 5 hours. This night features the anticipated return of Eric to the fold after his long hiatus from Eclipse. He used to play with us regularly but then decided that this game is too emotionally difficult and doesn’t deliver on the fun that it promises (a minority opinion in our opinion). But we are glad he finally came around! The event was so highly anticipated he even made a return trailer!

Game 1 – 10:28pm

In this game we have Shapers (me), Draco (Andy), Indi Rho (Eric) and Planta (Mitch). I ended up going last based on die rolls and three improved hulls popped up in the opening science pool which meant everyone got one but me. Which means I needed to prioritize initiative and accuracy to ensure that I hit first and win the battle because I didn’t have the staying power to slug it out. It’s actually pretty lucky for me because the Shapers start out with soliton cannon which basically counters improved hull.

In addition to the typical ancients, I discovered a rift portal with an anomaly on it. Since I didn’t have access to improved hull, I had to finish it off quick, I started working out how I could defeat the anomaly without letting it shoot back. My 3-damage solitons cannons are great, but the anomaly has an irritating 7 hitpoints. I had to figure out a way to deal 3 hits to it before it fires back. This took me a while but I finally built this ship to break through.

Meanwhile Mitch was abusing Planta’s ability to explore super fast and was stacking up discovery tiles at an alarming rate. We were all keeping our eyes on him, especially since his ships were still primitive, but no one was in a good position to make a move.

After killing my anomaly and a few other ancients in my area I realized I could easily crush the center with my fast and accurate ships. Usually taking the center is risky because as soon as you step in, everyone else wants to dive in to get you, lucky for me no one else was currently a match for my ships so I felt confident I could take it without any resistance. This put me in close contact with all the other players. Mitch being the clear leader at the time set the wheels in motion for defending against my ships.

The obvious answer to fast, powerful but weak ships is missiles. This way he would shoot my ships down before they ever got a chance to fire. This posed a problem for me since I was nowhere near winning at this point and Mitch was winning easily. Although he had missiles and computer technology it wasn’t equipped on his ships yet. I made the risky/questionable decision to attack his system forcing his hand. I had hoped my actions would trigger Andy/Eric to make a move against him. Alas, they took no actions and Mitch equipped and built a few missile starbases which easily decimated my fleet despite my last ditch upgrades to with some improved hull.

Toward the end of the game Andy started going the monolith route. He built two to start with plenty of production in the bank to explode in the last turn. The final turn was a battle royal which involved the peace-loving Hart finally diving deep into Andy’s territory in an attempt to steal some of those juicy monolith systems.

This might not have been an issue if Andy hadn’t moved one of his dreadnoughts into Planta space. Hart also sent a few ships into my back systems as well, I felt like I should have easily won both battles… But he actually won one of them to my dismay.

Mitch ended up winning the game despite an impressive showing from Andy. Eric and I couldn’t muster much point wise after all the dust settled.

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