Awesome Art Compilation

Cross Stitched Bacteria

Alicia Watkins will cross stitch any 5 microbes for you for only $85! Or a single one for only $20. I bet these would awesome christmas tree decorations. Or better yet, every time you get sick and survive, get a trophy made for yourself!

cross-stitch-bacteria-4 cross-stitch-bacteria-3 cross-stitch-bacteria-2 cross-stitch-bacteria-1

Country Maps Made from characteristic food

This is a collaboration from three different artists to make maps of countries made with food that country is most known for. In another life I would have scoffed that America was 100% made out of corn … but then I read some books.


Text From Classic Books Made into Brooches

Buy a little brooch of your favorite book made out of the book itself … Recycling or cannibalism? Yours for only $12-$20. Another fun way for me to start a trophy case of books I have conquered.

book-brooch-4 book-brooch-3 book-brooch-2 book-brooch-1

Beth Galton’s Cut Food

Aren’t cross sections fun? Check out all these items of food cut in half and photographed. Super neat.


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